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Wel­come to our Par­ents and Children’s Page on ‘E — Safety’. We hope this link will help you under­stand more about e-safety, please click on one of the links below and enjoy some inter­ac­tive fun.


Thinky­ouknow web­site - If you are 8 and over visit the Cyber Cafe click here

Come in to find the lat­est infor­ma­tion on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new tech­nol­ogy. Find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it. If you look after young peo­ple there’s an area for you too – with resources you can use in the class­room, at home or just to get with it. Most impor­tantly, there’s also a place which any­one can use to report if they feel uncom­fort­able or wor­ried about some­one they are chat­ting to online. All the infor­ma­tion here is brought to you by the team at the Child Exploita­tion and Online Pro­tec­tion (CEOP) Cen­tre. We hope you like it!


If your child is aged between 5–7 explore Hec­tors World, play lots of games and learn all about e-safety.

Click this link to get to Hec­tors World.

We know that the inter­net can be fun. Being cybers­mart can some­times be hard.
Hang out with Hec­tor and his friends to see how to use your com­puter, the inter­net and mobile phone safely. Ask Mum or Dad to help you to visit Hec­tors World. Here you can have lots of fun watch­ing online video’s and solv­ing puz­zles. There are even colour-in sto­ry­books and songs for you to down­load. You can count on Hec­tor to be your friend in cyber­space and we hope you enjoy dis­cov­er­ing Hector’s World!

www.cybersmart.gov.au - click here for more games


Child­net is char­ity that works with young peo­ple all over the world, help­ing them under­stand how to stay safe, when using the inter­net. Use your browser’s back but­ton as you dip from the school web­site to the Child­net web­site and back again.

Click here to go straight to the child­net site called KidSMART.

Click on one of the links below:

Kids­mart Smart Rules - these are very impor­tant to pro­tect you!

Kids­mart Poster Gallery - Wow check this out!

Kids­mart Quiz - How smart are you?


E-Safety Week is com­ing up.

Click on the link below for games specif­i­cally designed to teach chil­dren about e-safety:


Voda­fone has cre­ated a new mag­a­zine called ‘Dig­i­tal Par­ent­ing’ to help par­ents get to grips and get involved with their children’s dig­i­tal world.

The mag­a­zine brings together experts from around the world to give par­ents the lat­est advice on dig­i­tal issues, such as inline rep­u­ta­tion, loca­tion ser­vices, sex­ting, cyber­bul­ly­ing and ille­gal content.

The mag­a­zine can be accessed via the link below:


Other use­ful links:




Award-winning resources for teachers and parents.

On this page you will find a selection of our Know IT All resources that were previously housed on our Know IT All website.

Click here for E-Safety Resources

E-Safety Videos

Keeping up with the Joneses 

As part of its activities for Safer Internet Day, CEOP is launching 'Keeping up with the Joneses', a short 50's style trailer that aims to get parents and carers thinking about their children's online lives. On 7th February this will be followed by the release of 'The Parents and Carers Guide to the Internet', an entertaining and light-hearted TV-style show that aims to answer all the tricky questions about what it takes to be a good online parent! For further information please visit: http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents

Matt Thought He Knew 

This film follows Matt, a teenage boy who begins a relationship with a girl he has met online. Together they explore their sexuality via IM and webcam. Eventually they decide to meet up offline however the girl isn't who Matt thought she was...

This film informs young people of some of the possible risks of social networking and chat sites and helps to understanding ways that they can keep themselves safe online.

CEOP - Advice - Help - Report

Amita Dhiri who plays DC Grace Dasari in 'The Bill' introduces the CEOP Report button.

Have you seen this symbol on the sites you use? It is your door to one stop internet safety advice and help. If you use social networking areas or other sites offering chat or contact with online buddies then look for it. It is there for you.

Report Link:


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