Elf on the Shelf 2019

Dear Abercarn Primary,

Christmas is coming soon! Mrs Claus and I have been very, very busy making toys for all the good boys and girls. I hear you have all been good for your teachers. So, I have sent you one of my special mischievous Elf friends to stay with you until Christmas. He will come back to the North Pole every night to tell me how you have behaved. I sure hope you are good boys and girls so I can bring you special treats and presents. Look out for the Elf on your school social networking sites to see what mischief he’s been up to in your school! Make sure not to touch him or the magic will be lost!

Don’t forget… follow his journey on your school website and social network sites to see what mischief he may create!

Merry Christmas! 

Santa Claus

P.S. Don’t forget to leave me milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Rudolph especially loves carrots!

Day 24: 

It’s time for me to go back to the North Pole until next year! I’ve had a fantastic time at Abercarn primary and I’ve been so impressed with all the children! Well done! Have a very Happy Christmas everyone! See you next year!

Elf 24

Day 23: 

I’ve been in one of the Year 5/6 classes and made some great tents to hide in! I don’t think anyone can see me in here whilst I make some notes for Santa!

Elf 23

Day 22: 

I was really tired today but I found an excellent bed! It was soooo soft and cwtchy! I’m going to use this as my bed every day to have a lovely nap before travelling back to Santa in the North Pole! Shhhhhhh… don’t wake me up!

Elf 22

ay 21:

They love sharp pencils in Foundation Phase… I’ve helped sharpen them! I really hope they will like what I’ve done! I hope I didn’t go too short for them! Continue to be good everyone! I’m really impressed! #AbercarnElf ‬

Elf 21

Day 20: 

Lights, Camera, Action! I’ve recorded a video for Santa to watch back in the North Pole! I hope he enjoys it! Don’t forget I’m reporting back every night!

Elf 20

Day 19: 

Today is I was in Breakfast Club… I played… Elf Twister! Look at how good I am at this game! Time to report back to Santa! See you tomorrow!

Elf 19

Day 18: 

Time to help wrap presents for Christmas. I’ve made a little mess and got in a sticky position with the Sellotape and ribbon! Ooops!

Elf 18

Day 17:

 I have been watching everyone doing their Christmas Concerts and I really wanted to have a go on the stage! I’ve been singing along… don’t forget to sing as good as me when you perform the Christmas Carols!

Elf 17

Day 16:

I’ve been in Year 1 again today! I’ve been practising my handwriting and spelling! Look at what I did! Prince Elf… I love it! I hope everyone in Year 1 is working hard on their handwriting too!

Elf 16

Day 15:

I was sooooo busy last night that I didn’t get chance to report back to Santa in the North Pole but I did send him a message using Mr Roden’s computer! I will report back tonight on how everyone is doing at Abercarn Primary!

Elf 15

‪Day 14: 

I really enjoyed playing with the Stickle Bricks in Nursery! It was really fun! Do you like what I built? I hope everyone in Nursery is working hard! Your singing was excellent last week in your concert! Well done! 

Elf 14

Day 13: 

I’ve visited the office today … plasters and bandages. I hope Mrs Farmer and Mrs Eynon like what I’ve done! Don’t forget I‘m watching every day and reporting back to Santa.

Elf 13

Day 12:

 I’ve arrived in this room with a special machine. It makes copies of me! Look! How good is that… there I am on the paper! This is fun although the light is very bright! I’m going to make hundreds and hundreds of me! I hope I don’t get into trouble! I’ve seen some good work today!  

Elf 12

Day 11:

 I’m having some fun today in the radio studio! I’ve found this switch that makes the music go very, very, very loud! I don’t think the children like it! Well done to everyone in the radio studio… some great DJ’s.

Elf 11

Day 10: 

I’ve been really thirsty today! I’ve made my way to this box that is just like the North Pole! It’s really cold and there is some lovely things to drink in here! I don’t think Mrs farmer will be happy I’ve been in here! I’d better go out quickly!

Elf 10

Day 9:

I’m in Breakfast Club today! This cereal is nice… yum yum! I think I’ve made a bit of a mess… don’t tell Mrs Watson! Enjoy your breakfast everyone! Remember I am watching all the time! Some lovely manners in Breakfast Club today!

Elf 9

Day 8: 

Look at these coloured tokens! The children are calling them House Points! I had an accident though with the boxes and have muddled them all up! Let’s get out of here quickly before anyone knows it was me!

Elf 8

Day 7: 
I’ve been a bit naughty today! I thought I would hide Mr Roden’s phone! He won’t find it in here! I hope he doesn’t get upset with me for hiding it! I can hear him coming! Shhhh! I wonder if he will find me in here! Don’t forget everyone… be good!
Elf 7

Day 6: 

Where do you think I am today? I’ve found this excellent wheel to play on although I think there is something else in here too! Shhhhhh… he’s sleeping… it’s a Hamster in Year 5 class. I hope I don’t get locked in this cage! Some great work in year 5 today too! Well done everyone!

Elf 6

Day 5: 

Year 2 today… wow look at this. Anyone for Popcorn… I’ve eaten it all…Ooops! I’ve never seen one of these animals. His name is Gerald! Gerald the giraffe! Gerald let me sit on his head! Well done Gerald and keep working hard Year 2… great things to report back to Santa!

Elf 5

Day 4: 

Here I am in Reception class. Look who I met today! Its’ Bruce! Bruce is a dog. Woof Woof! Bruce is an ethical informed citizen and is learning how to look after Wales and the world! Well done Reception Class! You’re all doing great!”

Elf 4

Day 3: 

I’m still in Year 1 as I had such a great time yesterday! I thought I would have a go in this rocket! 3…2…1.. blast off! I’m off to report some good things to Santa now! See you tomorrow!

Elf 3

Day 2: 

I’m in Year 1 today… I thought I would have a play with the bricks, dominos and straws. I hope I haven’t made too much of a mess! Sorry for pulling out all the resources Year 1! I’ve seen some great work and good manners today! Well done!

Elf 2

Day 1 

I’ve arrived at Abercarn Primary School all the way from the North Pole. My first job is to help decorate the Christmas Tree. It looks really good now! Much better! Don’t forget I’m watching everyone at Abercarn Primary and will report back to Santa every night! So far… so good! Keep working hard everyone!

Elf 1

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