Home-School Agreements


Good home/school relations are vital to the success of pupils attending school and for the well being of pupils as we all know children thrive when the home and school work together.


• A home, school and child agreement is signed by the pupil, parent and school. The Governing Body anticipates that all parents will agree with the principles laid down in the agreement.
• Weekly newsletters, a regularly updated website, curriculum overviews and school information leaflets
• Letters are sent home for parents to sign giving consent to: Photographs / videos being taken of their child, local visits to be undertaken by their child, sporting fixtures & educational visits being undertaken by their child.
Forms are also sent out for parents to list all emergency contact telephone numbers and any medical conditions their child may have.
• Parent/teacher consultations take place on a formal basis during Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms. Parents wishing to consult the class teacher or Headteacher outside these times should telephone or contact the school to make an appointment.
• Curriculum open days.
• The school has a P.T.A. to which all parents automatically belong. The committee meets regularly, both on a formal and informal basis and always welcomes new members or suggestions for activities.

We always endeavour to welcome our parents into school, but we would ask that you co-operate with these simple requests:

• Please report to the school office or Headteacher on arrival;
• Please enter you name in the Visitors’ Book and clearly display a Visitor Badge
• Do not visit the classrooms without a prior appointment.
• Please use the road outside the school sensibly;
• Please do not collect your child from inside the school unless prior arrangement with the class teacher has been made. ;
• There may be times when you may be visiting to complain or would wish to discuss problems. Where this is the case, parents must report only to the Headteacher, or in his absence, the Deputy Head.

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