Physical Education

Games and PE are compulsory for all children, except those permanently excluded on health grounds. These children must have a note from their GP to this effect. Those suffering from minor ailments will only be excused if supported by a brief note from the parents. Each class has at least two timetabled PE sessions every week.

Suitable clothing for PE and Games is essential. No child will be allowed to participate in PE and Games unless appropriate clothing and footwear is worn.

Clothing for educational gymnastics and dance etc:
Girls Plain T shirt / polo shirt and shorts
Boys Plain T-shirt and shorts

All work in the hall will be carried out in bare feet / daps except where parents request otherwise, perhaps because of a foot infection. Should this be the case, trainers should be worn.

Clothing for Games and skills lessons etc:
Boys and girls: Plain T shirt / polo shirt and shorts
Plain Tracksuits for cold days
Trainers / football boots, where appropriate

There are a wide range of sports activities undertaken during the year where children represent the school. These include: Swimming, Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Athletics. Any child taking part represents the school and this is recognised as a privilege and an achievement. It also fosters team spirit and the development of skills. We aim to give children of all abilities the opportunity to participate in competitive events.

Swimming Lessons Start in the Summer Term

Children in years 4 have swimming lessons at Newbridge Leisure Centre. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit in school when needed!  Girls should wear a one piece swimsuit and boys should wear trunks (above the knees). Goggles may only be worn. Ear rings must be removed before swimming.

All children participate, as this is a requirement of the National Curriculum. They will be excused for medical reasons only, in which case a letter must be sent into school.

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