Meet the Governors

A governor is a volunteer that cares about teaching, learning and children. They represent the local community and are part of a team, which accepts responsibility for everything a school does. Our Governing Body works very hard for the school. The governing body is made up of the following representatives: 

Mr Alan Raybould - Chair of Governors

Mrs R Coram-Fry - Vice Chair


Mr Gareth Roden – Headteacher


CB Cllr D. Preece - LA Representative

CB Cllr A. Whitcombe - LA Representative

Mrs S Llewellyn - LA Representative


Mrs D Thomas - Community Representative


Mrs R Beddoe - Parent Representative

Mrs E Richards - Parent Representative

Mrs B Michael - Parent Representative

Mr J Wells - Parent Representative


Mr L Greenslade - Staff Representative

Mrs A Harry - Teacher Representative


Parent Governors

Parent governors are elected as representatives of the interests of parents of pupils currently attending the school. A parent governor can continue to serve as a governor until the end of their four-year term of office, even if their child leaves the school during the period.

Parent governors may express their personal views at governing body meetings, however it is expected that these views would be representative of the interests of the parents at the school.

A parent governor should therefore keep “in tune” with the concerns and opinions of the majority of parents. However, it is important that when decisions are made, individual governors exercise their best judgement when contributing to the decision of the governing body.

Community Governors

Community governors are invited by other governors to join the governing body and are appointed by the governing body. Community members bring their own experience and skills to the governing body and can act as a link with the community in which the school serves. Community governors usually live or work in the community of the school area and are committed to the good governance and success of the school.

Local Education Authority (LEA) Governors

LEA governors are appointed by the LEA, which maintains the school. LEA Governors may present the LEA’s views but they are not delegates of the LEA and they cannot be mandated by the LEA to take a particular view. LEA’s should publish the process and criteria for identifying candidates for appointment as LEA governors.

Headteacher Governor

A Headteacher will be a full member of the governing body of their school unless they choose not to be a governor. If a Headteacher decides not to be a governor they are still entitled to attend all meetings of the governing body. Mr Roden has chosen to be a governor.

Teacher Governors

Teacher governors are elected as representatives of the interests of the teaching staff of their school. Whereas on accession they may give the views of teaching staff to the governing body, they are equally free to express their personal views and exercise their own judgements when decisions are made, like any other governor.

Staff Governors

Staff governors are elected from among the school support staff. They may be staff employed either under a contract of employment or a contract for services at the school. Staff governors may give the views of the support staff to the governing body, they are also free to give their own personal views and exercise their best judgement when contributing to the decisions of the governing body

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