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Abercarn Primary School is a good school, judged as a Green school under Welsh Government’s categorisation. The school is the heart of the Abercarn Community and the happiness of each child is central to the ethos of our school.

The school caters for children aged 3 - 11 years in an environment that is warm and welcoming, with each classroom and communal area thoughtfully resourced and furnished to a high standard to create a sense of wellbeing for all.

    School Announcements

    Newsletter 16 (Friday 22nd January 2021)

    by Abercarn Admin -

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well! That’s another week done! I hope everything is going as well as possible. It continues to be very busy online and busy in our critical worker child classes. Thank you for everything you are doing and well done! We have between 85-90% engagement its fab! I know it’s not easy so thank you! The “live” sessions that have taken place this week have gone extremely well and I know they have been well received by pupils and parents! Thank you to everyone involved!

    As of today, there is no further update regarding the reopening of schools  we will either reopen on 1st Feb 2021 if cases rates have fallen significantly or after half term.  As soon as I know any information, I will of course share it with you. Until then keep doing your best and remember if you need anything  please ask!

    Please remember, we totally understand the difficulties parents may be facing at home regarding home learning. We do not expect parents to be “teachers” that is our job! Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Office staff will be available throughout the week to offer support and advice. Teachers will be available and will be positing activities, live streaming, positing tasks and videos throughout the day. Do not feel that everything needs to be completed. If children require a video of something let the teacher know and they will happily post examples  this has already been done on many occasions! Please do not get stressed or feel overwhelmed that is not our intention!

    Critical Worker Hub Classes

    Please ensure you talk to us before your child attends our school classes. Applications must be made through the Local Authority and then confirmed by us. We ask that you only use the service for the days that you require. If days change week by week  please let us know the Friday of the week before by telephoning the office on 01495 244566. I need to ensure I am keeping everybody as safe as possible.

    Books, Pens, Pencils etc

    Don’t forget – if you require any materials for home learning please do not hesitate to either get in touch with the office or the class teacher. We will arrange for whatever you need to be available to collect every Friday morning. Let us know if you need anything!

    Positive Cases and Test Results

    Please use the covid@abercarnprimary.org email address to alert me to any positive test results out of school hours. Please only use this email for positive results out of school hours only. Use the school email address for any other information you wish to share. If you use the out of hours email address please expect a call from me using a withheld number.

    Do not send children to our Childcare Class if your child is:

    • Unwell
    • Symptomatic and / or
    • He/She or a family member is waiting for test results.

    Wait until you have received the result and your child is better before sending your child to school!

    Live Streaming

    Classes are starting to “live stream” some daily, some weekly etc. If you have a child in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6 and haven’t already provided consent for live streaming  please go to http://livestreamconsent.abercarnprimary.com

    If you have given consent previously you do not need to do it again!

    If you have a child in Year 1 or Year 2  Please also go to http://livestreamconsent.abercarnprimary.com  read our policy and complete the consent form. It may be useful for Year 1 and Year 2 to be involved in live streaming if this closure is for a prolonged period of time.

    Weekly Assembly

    Every week Mrs. Pardoe will be leading a virtual assembly. Her assembly will be posted on our YouTube channel or our home learning website (https://homelearning.abercarnprimary.org/weekly-assemblies) every Monday. If you would like to join in with her assembly  please feel free to do so!

    E-Safety and Online Manners

    As children will be online much more  please check out https://esafety.abercarnprimary.com 

    Health and Well Being

    Some top tips and ideas for you and your child to keep a healthy mind and body during the school closure:

    • Keep talking to people - Keep in touch with friends and family. Talk to people at home
    • Make a routine It can be great to relax for a few days but after a while it can have a big effect on your mood. Keep setting and alarm and try to get out of bed when you normally would. Plan your day.
    • Keep busy Stay busy as this helps keep your mind active.
    • You don’t need to watch the news so much Watching the news constantly can make you feel anxious. Only watch the news once a day and turn off your notifications.
    • Stay healthy Make sure you eat healthy. You’re allowed out once a day to exercise but there are lots of exercise you can do at home too.
    • Screen breaks Make sure you take a break from computer screens.
    • Tell someone or get in touch if you need support.
    • Try new things try learning something new the scouts website has lots of ideas.


    Explore a range of teaching resources and lesson ideas.


    Go Noodle

    Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.


    If any child feels anxious or worried about current events or anything, the Childline website has lots of advice and support. The website address is www.childline.org.uk or they can be telephoned free on 0800 1111

    If any adult requires help or support with mental health at any time, the MIND website has lots of advice and support. The website address is: www.mind.org.uk  and they can be telephoned on: 0300 123 3393, send an email to info@mind.org.uk or send a text to: 86463

    You can also visit the schools Health and Wellbeing webpage here https://wellbeing.abercarnprimary.org

    Keeping in Touch with School
    Don’t forget, you can contact the school office on 01495 244566 everyday as usual. You can also use the school email address.  If you need any help setting things up, either give us a ring or drop an email to homelearning@abercarnpriamry.org. If you need us to ring you back and talk you through things please let us know! We will do our best! These are difficult times and we totally understand!  We really want as many children as possible to engage with us.
    We are making calls to families to check everything is “okay” and to offer as much help as we can!  Every family will be contacted once at least every two weeks please do not be offended – we are keeping in touch not checking up on you!
    Please don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need someone to talk you through things!

    Weekly Newsletter
    Our weekly newsletter will continue. It will be posted on our Website, Social Media, My School App and emailed to pupil Google accounts every week.
    Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter. As well as important information it will share things like pupil of the week, useful websites etc.
    If you would like the newsletter emailed to your own email address please sign up by using this link. https://newsletter.abercarnprimary.com

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