School Transport

Last updated: 09:32am | 24.06.2020

We have contacted all pupils who are returning that use the school bus and have a list of the children that require transport. Only the children that are on our list will be allowed to travel on the school bus. The driver will have a list of children for each day.


Children will be picked up at the usual pick up point to be at school at 8.45am. The school bus will leave school at 2.30pm.


  • School transport is only to be used if pupils have no other alternative – social distancing cannot be guaranteed!

  • Vehicle capacity limited to a maximum of 15-20% because of social distancing – unable to provide additional capacity due to contractor fleet availability.

  • Transport to run on existing routes.

  • Escorts will be provided on primary school vehicles where possible,

Last modified: Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 9:31 AM