Meet Our Staff

If you wish to contact a member of staff by email, please address your message to the school by clicking here, place "FAO ________ (name/or eg ICT Technician or Head of Foundation Phase)" in the subject box and it will be forwarded.


Mr G. C. Roden - Head Teacher

Mrs R Tavas - Deputy Head/Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K Parry - Head Of Foundation Phase/ Year 2 Teacher

Mrs C Lewis HLTA – Level 4 – Nursery/PPA Cover

Mrs G James - Reception

Mrs A Harry - Year 1 Teacher

Miss E Jones/Mrs K Robinson - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs J Jones - Year 4 Teacher

Mr C Beech  - Year 6 Teacher

Mr P Perry - Year 6 Teacher

Mr. L Greenslade - Digital Media Manager (Twitter: @AbercarnPS_MrG)

Miss C Holland - Additional Practitioner

Mrs. K Haines - Additional Practitioner

Mrs. C Richards - Additional Practitioner

Miss C Evans - Additional Practitioner

Mrs. J Jenkins - Additional Practitioner

Mrs. A Parry - Additional Practitioner

Mrs. N Beagen - Additional Practitioner

Mr M Jameson - Additional Practitioner

Mrs J Dunn HLTA – Level 4 – PPA Cover

Mrs S Rhodes HLTA – Level 4 – PPA Cover

Mrs J Farmer - Senior Admin Officer

Mrs C Eynon - Admin Officer

Mrs S Watson - School Cook

Mrs S Lewis - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs L Moore - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Haines - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs T Bennett - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs G Roberts - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Ms L Dando - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mr S Watson - School Caretaker

Mrs L Dando - School Cleaner

Mrs D Welsh - School Cleaner

Ms R Bradley - Specialist Music Teacher 

Mr M Andrews - Specialist Music Teacher 

Mr G Edwards  - Educational Welfare Officer


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