Key Stage Two

The National Curriculum subjects have been revised and restructured. The purpose of these changes in 2008 was to identify the skills for each subject and the range of contexts, opportunities and activities through which these skills should be developed and applied. The content been updated to ensure relevance to the twenty-first century and manageability for learners and teachers. Through themes and discrete areas of learning, the school provides opportunities for all pupils to be taught all National Curriculum subjects including, Religious Education, Personal and Social Education and Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.


To develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, pupils are provided with a range of experiences and opportunities to encourage them to be confident in all these aspects of language. The main reading schemes are Oxford Reading Tree. Books, at a practice level, are sent home and parents are encouraged to listen to their child read on a nightly basis. The children’s writing skills build progressively from those skills taught in Early Years. They are taught about all non-fiction and fiction types of writing and are helped to understand that writing is a means of organising and developing ideas and information and as a source of enjoyment. Speaking and listening skills are encouraged and developed in discussion work in all curriculum areas.

The content of the Maths scheme is based on the National Curriculum and the National Numeracy Strategy. The staff are mainly supported with the Abacus scheme and additional teacher made resources. The school has adopted an interactive method of teaching maths, which encourages children to play a more participative role in their learning. Through such interaction and practical activities, children are taught appropriate mathematical skills, language and mental strategies and then are asked to apply them in real life situations.

Science is taught regularly and where possible is linked to the theme chosen for the term. In Science, pupils are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding by using an investigative approach. Pupils are taught and encouraged to relate their observations and results to wider scientific ideas.


Physical Education is taught twice a week to each class. We aim to develop individual skills as well as the ability to work as part of a team and promote an awareness of health related activities. Pupils develop a wide range of skills in athletics, dance, games and gymnastics. Pupils are also given the option to take part in outdoor, more adventurous activities.

Welsh is taught as a second language throughout the school. Welsh is taught by reading welsh texts, singing welsh songs, role play, games, using language patterns, the use of audio and video tapes and through writing activities. The use of ‘incidental’ spoken Welsh is encouraged and promoted through the use of Tocyn Iaith (Welsh tokens given for speaking Welsh). In addition, opportunities to explore Welsh aspects of the curriculum are provided whenever appropriate. Through a ‘Curriculum Cymreig’ pupils are given opportunities to apply their knowledge and understanding of cultural, economic, environmental, historical and linguistic characteristics of Wales.

Religious Education is based on the National Curriculum and agreed County syllabus. It is taught in a non-denominational and non dogmatic way. Stories, festivals, songs, prayers, artefacts, visits and visitors are utilised to develop tolerance, understanding and caring within our school family and community. Parents have the right to withdraw wholly or in part from R.E. / Collective Worship and alternative provision will be made for those children who are exempt.

Information Technology has its roots as a cross-curricular subject. However, it is also a skills based subject within its own right. Pupils, therefore, use ICT to support class learning as well as to develop individual skills. The school is very focused on developing children’s I.C.T. skills with interactive whiteboards located in every classroom and an Laptop Trolley that is timetabled for each class.

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