Attendance Targets

Attendance Targets

Each year the school and governing body, will set absence targets and submit to the Local Authority by no later than 31st December in every school year.

A system for analysing performance towards the targets will be established and the Head Teacher or senior school manager will be responsible for overseeing this work. The school and Governing body will make use of the attendance data available from the EAS and the LA when setting its targets.

Our school targets are:

2020/2021: 95.3%:

2021/2022: 95%

2022/2023: 95%

2023/2024: 95%

Action Plan

Things that are currently in place to improve attendance include:

  • Rewarding classes with 100% attendance in celebration assembly;
  • Rewarding pupils on a termly basis who have 100% attendance;
  • Employment of a family liaison officer
  • Contacting parents of pupils who’s attendance falls below 90%;
  • Holding regular meetings with the Educational Welfare Officer to discuss concerns over attendance;
  • Producing a termly newsletter which includes important information regarding individual pupil attendance. These are shared with parents during PTCs;
  • Giving parents updates of attendance in weekly newsletters;
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