Gate Security

Our gates are now fitted with a security lock. You will not be able to enter the school site during the day unless it is opened remotely by the school office. 


To gain entry: Press the button on the video entry system that is to the left of the gate. The office will check the video and may either talk to you or open the gate if we know who it is. The system will tell you the gate is unlocked and that you can enter. Listen carefully. Please be patient, staff may be on the telephone or dealing with an issue. They will get to you and will know you are waiting. 

When leaving the premises: Press the high green button that is situated on a post on the right-hand side of the path. The system will tell you that you the gate is unlocked. Open the gate as normal. The gate will lock when it closes behind you. 


Do not prop the gate open. It is fitted with an alarm and will notify the office if the gate has been propped open and display the video.


During drop off and pick up times the gate will be open, and you will not need to use the intercom to enter nor press the green button to exit. 


At pick up time: The gates will be unlocked at 3.20pm. Do not enter the premises to wait for children before this time. 


Nursery pick up: The locks will be deactivated at 11.25am to allow for Nursery pick up. Do not enter the premises before this time to wait. Please wait until 11.25am to enter the premises. 


The gate locks will be activated from 9am every morning.


Last modified: Friday, 8 September 2023, 3:47 PM