At Abercarn Primary we actively encourage “Welshness” within the school in order to stimulate and encourage pupil’s learning and general awareness of the welsh language and culture.  Children are spoken to and encouraged to respond in Welsh as often as is possible during the school day.

Welsh is taught as a second language, as part of the Curriculum.  It is taught in a meaningful way reflecting events and experiences.  We aim to make the learning of Welsh a pleasurable, interesting and lively experience through song, dance, drama and games.

Through stories and legends we aim to develop in the child an awareness of the cultural heritage of Wales.

Teaching staff and pupils are supported by a teacher adviser for Welsh who visits the school regularly during the school year.

Learning Welsh can feel like a challenge, start with the alphabet. Click the picture to go to a youtube video which will help you learn the right sounds.

Every year group needs to learn sentence patterns, they’ll learn them through speaking and listening (oracy) then reading and writing.

Year 3 & 4 Language Patterns

Year 5 & 6 Language Patterns

This next resource is really big, choose a topic and print off a poster for your wall – it all helps!

Cardiau Cymraeg ar dy dafod

This website have developed an app that you can use to learn lots of languages. Are you up for trying 5 minutes every day!


Why Learning Welsh is Good

It keeps your brain fit and healthy!

  • Speaking another language makes your brain more creative
  • It may help you to learn other skills easier-like playing an instrument
  • It increases the amount of time you can concentrate for
  • Your brain is healthier when you get old

It will help you learn other languages more easily!

  • When you can speak two languages it is easier for your brain to learn more
  • People who speak two languages can go on to learn many more 

It helps you do better at school!

  • Children who speak two languages often get higher marks in school as they get older
  • It improves your memory so you can remember more information

It gives you a sense of Welsh identity and culture!

  • Speaking Welsh helps you to understand the street and place names around you-lots have special meanings that you may otherwise have missed!
  • It gives you a sense of belonging to Wales and its history

Welsh Apps for home

If you would like to support your child in learning Welsh (or even improve your own!) here are useful APPs:

Foundation Phase

  • Magi Ann Apps
  • Betsan a Roco yn y Pentref
  • Fflic a Fflac iBooks
  • Welsh for kids and babies
  • Cymraeg for kids App
  • Pacca Alpaca
  • Babog Baby
  • CYW
  • Tric a Chlic
  • Welsh 4 kids- Colours and Shapes
  • Ar y fferm
  • Welsh Learning for Kids

Key Stage Two

  • hAPus 1
  • hAPus 2
  • Campau Cosmig
  • Campau Cosmig 2
  • Codi Hwyl
  • Guto Nyth Bran
  • Sillafu (Spelling)
  • Brawddegau (Sentences)
  • Amser (Time)
  • Anagramau (Anagrams)
  • Dewi Sant
  • English Welsh Translator
  • Offline English Welsh Dictionary
  • Geiriadur Gorau Saesneg Cymraeg
  • Ap Geiriaduron
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