Additional Educational Needs

  • The Provision Map has been updated to reflect new ALN Bill.
  • All ALN documents and materials are stored on Edukey, The office staff transfer ALL correspondence to this system.
  • Medical care plans all in place and updated using Edukey. Care Plans have been updated for key. pupils. Ongoing training undertaken by staff for a variety of conditions.
  • Risk Assessments are ongoing and have been updated by our H&S Officer
  • The following table indicates the number of pupils across the school within the new ALN categories,

The following table indicates the schools new provision map and outlines provisions within each category. The diagram also indicates the monitoring and review process and the categories that require an IDP

Provision Map

  • The school Educational Psychologist is now Alex Bevan
  • Our Private EP is Essential Psychology, We utilise the expertise of a private EP to support families and school with additional learning need aspects.
  • Screening for Dyslexia and Dyspraxia for Year 3 pupils undertaken in Autumn Term, any follow up undertaken by Tom Pearson with a Dyslexia / Dyscalculia Test in Spring Term.

The following is a basic outline of the ALN processes:

As a result of an increase in need related to pupil wellbeing and mental health together with an increased focus on ALN provision, a lot of work has been undertaken to put in place further provisions and a clear structure. We have a trained member of staff to focus solely on interventions and supporting the co-ordination of services. We have also forged links with a Play Therapist and Psychotherapist alongside Private EP provision so we can provide strong and prompt access to services.

Looked After Children (LAC)

  • The LAC Co-ordinator is Mrs Harry as part of the ALNCo role.
  • The LAC named governor is Rhona Fry
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