Nut Free School

Abercarn Primary School is a nut free school.

We have a number of children who have a nut allergy, resulting in a potentially life-threatening reaction if they come into contact with nuts.

For this reason, we ask that you do not send your child into school with nuts or products containing nuts.


This means that the children cannot bring anything into school that contains nuts or traces of nuts. This includes:


·       Packs of nuts

·       Peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches

·       Fruit bars and cereal bars that contain nuts

·       Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts

·       Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)

·       Hummus or houmous as it contains tahini which is made from sesame

·       Pesto which contains nuts

·       Cakes made with nuts

·       Self-serve pastries covered in almonds – for example almond croissants

·       Any home-cooked meals for packed lunches that are made from nuts

·       Any shared food made with nuts or nut oils


Can parents please ensure that any food items that children bring to school are free from nuts. This also applies to item donated for cake sales etc. 


All product packaging must be checked for warnings directed at nut allergy sufferers and if the following or similar are displayed, the product must not be used in school. As well as nuts or nut oil in the ingredient list, packaging must be checked for:


  • ‘Not suitable for nut allergy suffers’;
  • ‘This product contains nuts’;
  • ‘This product may contain traces of nuts’;


You can find further information by visiting:

Allergy UK:
Anaphylaxis campaign:


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