How do we spend the money we raise?

Funds raised from our events held throughout the year are banked straight away, and decisions as to how they are then utilised are taken at our regular P.T.A. Committee meetings. In normal circumstances, staff members will present us with ideas and requests as to how any monies raised should be used. There is ALWAYS a “wish-list”, which is continually being added to and updated!

In the main, P.T.A. funds are used to provide the “extras” not funded from the school budget. These can be extremely diverse and wide-ranging but, as a rule, are all purchases or provisions that our staff – and other stakeholders – believe will maximise and enhance the learning practices of our children, and which will make their experiences much more fulfilling and exciting. We ALWAYS endeavour to spend the funds raised in ways that will benefit ALL of our children across ALL areas of the school and curriculum.

The PTA also have recurrent financial commitments every year, including: -

•Year 6 leavers’ Prom.

•Easter gifts

The money we raise is generally spent fairly quickly, and the purchases made are promoted widely via the school newsletter and the “Friends of Abercarn” social media pages. That way, you can be sure that in supporting our school, you are helping to enhance the school experience for all of our wonderful children at Abercarn Primary School!

Last modified: Monday, 5 October 2020, 11:46 AM