Digital Leaders

Who are the Digital Leaders?

The digital leaders are pupils who are interested, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about ICT! They spread good behaviour with technology, support teachers and are able to showcase what is possible. Digital leaders importantly develop their own skills and become a showcase for what is achievable! 

Roles and responsibilities of a digital leader:

  • Researching and developing the use of new technologies within school
  • Helping to train the children and adults in school to use new technologies
  • To be responsible for some IT equipment (laptops, iPads)
  • To promote e-Safety throughout the school
  • Helping staff deliver some computing lessons (where curriculum allows and with their teacher’s permission)
  • To attend regular DL club
  • To attend workshops and DL workshops

Some great websites we suggest to develop your ICT skills, click the links:

This Years Digital Leaders are?

  • Oliver W (Year 3)
  • Teddy HB (Year 4)
  • Samuel T (Year 5)
  • Kieran S (Year 6)
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