Children should not arrive in school before 8:50 a.m unless attending breakfast club (if buses are early this is understood). Application forms to attend FREE breakfast club can be obtained from Breakfast Club staff. There will be no member of staff to supervise the children before 8.50am. Children enter school at 8.50am and are supervised by staff in the building. 

If pupils are late, they must enter at the office doors not the classroom doors. Lateness is monitored, if pupils are late on five occasions, you will be contacted. 

Breakfast club is open before school from 8.10am and provide pupils with breakfast, which includes a variety of items, such as: Brown Toast, Fruit Juice, a selection of cereal, Sugar Free Jam and Cream Cheese and Fresh Fruit. 

Caerphilly County Borough Council (GTS) provides a “School Bus Service” to those pupils who attend Abercarn Primary but reside beyond “walking distance” e.g. Llanfach. Further information can be sought from the school office. 

Children must not assemble in the playground. Children go straight to class at 8.50am. If weather is wet, icy or extremely cold the children may enter the school building on arrival and go straight to classrooms. 

Parents using cars to drop off / collect children are asked not to enter school gates or park anywhere within the green cone area because of the danger to other children. / adults. Scooters/Bicyles can be stored in the cycle shelter - permission from the Headteacher must be provided and there is no cycling/scooting on the school site. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 11:28 AM