School Development Plan

Three Year Summary of Priorities:

Overview of School Improvement:

Outcomes of actions and impact recorded in the SDP 2021-2022 (and previous SDPs) together with AOLE Maid reviews and first hand evidence as a result of robust MER and completion of our CSSR process  the new priorities for improvement were produced.  The new priorities reflect stakeholder involvement including listening to learners, parent surveys, governor visits and community / local needs. Priorities aim to prepare pupils for their next step in learning, future career and life. All actions will ultimately aim to improve pupils’ overall progress and attainment whilst reducing any impact that poverty may have.

In line with School Improvement Guidance (WG June 2022 School Improvement Guidance: framework for evaluation, improvement and accountability), our School Improvement Priorities Link to / include:

1: National priorities: The actions in this priority will contribute to raising standards in:

  • Literacy / Welsh Language and Numeracy
  • Reducing the impact of poverty on pupils’ progression and attainment (EYPDG and PDG Grant to support reducing any impact)
  • Improving pupil progression by ensuring learning is supported by a range of knowledge, skills and experience.

2: National Mission: The actions in this priority will contribute to:

  • Developing a high-quality education profession
  • Inspirational leaders working collaboratively to raise standards
  • Strong and inclusive schools committed to excellence, equity and wellbeing
  • Robust assessment, evaluation and accountability arrangements supporting a self-improving system

3: Regional/Local priorities: Links to EAS Business Plan

  • Improvement Strand 1: Engage with regional support programme for Education Reform to include curriculum reform, the professional standards (ETLF) and to support the school to develop as a Learning Organisation. Engage with the portfolio of leadership development as relevant to school needs identified through self-evaluation
  • Improvement Strand 3: Provide structured support and professional opportunities for school leaders and the wider education workforce to meet the demands in line with current and new accountability arrangements.

4: Areas identified through self-evaluation (MER, CSSR, Maids) within the following SDP areas:

  • Numeracy / Maths
  • English / Literacy
  • Welsh 2nd Language / MFL
  • Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Curriculum 2022 including pupil voice

5: Professional Learning will be funded through the PL for Teacher Grant £4962 and PL Lead grant of £3098 to address needs of all staff. Our Professional Learning strategy includes:

6: The Community and Cluster:

7: Attendance:

  • In line with improving attendance to improve pupils’ progress and attainment and reduce impact of poverty, an
  • attendance action plan has been produced. This also supports local Caerphilly priority of improving attendance across the borough.

8: Additional Learning Needs (ALN Code 2021):

  • ALNCo Lead has produced a MAID to support the development of ALN across the school in line with the ALN Bill 2021, this will ensure all pupils including those identified with ALN make good progress and achieve well. Within priorities pupil groups may be identified for further support, challenge and / or interventions.

9: WG, Estyn and EAS Accountability:

  • School processes including SDP and Self-evaluation are based on transparency and honesty for effective school
  • improvement. Priorities and actions are a result of transparent and honest reflection of where the school is and how it is improving.
  • Self-evaluation identifies strengths, areas for development and consequently the priorities and actions. Self-evaluation and CSSR process includes 3 overarching areas for self-evaluation: 1: Vision and Leadership, 2: Curriculum, learning and teaching and 3: Wellbeing, equity and inclusion this impacts on school improvement and progress of al pupils.
  • SDP and Self-Evaluation links to Estyn Inspection framework:
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