Snacks, Milk & Water


As part of the Healthy Schools scheme we have opened a Fruit Tuck Shop during school morning break. It is an excellent opportunity for children to be encouraged to eat more fruit. It has wider benefits including a practical initiative to support work in the curriculum on nutrition and further the idea of promoting a healthy school. The fruit costs 30p per day. The selection of fruit varies from week to week and from season to season. It has been very successful to date.


One third of a pint of milk is provided each day during term time for each school child until the age of 7. Milk is provided FREE of charge.


It is recommended that children drink at least two pints of still water a day. Research shows that dehydration is common amongst children and it impacts on their attention span, mood and health.

Children in all classes may bring a sports bottle of still water to school. It can only be a sports bottle because they have a pull up / push down top and the water will not spill if it is knocked over. Metal bottles are not permitted. ONLY STILL WATER is permitted – nothing else. Children who do not like still water are not permitted to bring anything else. It is still water that medics recommend NOT flavoured water, pop, squash, coke or carbonated water. The school has water dispensers available!

Last modified: Sunday, 24 July 2016, 11:02 PM