Technology is a very important aspect of our modern daily lives. Teachers at Abercarn recognise how important it is in today's world that pupils should have a good knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be used. Our teaching aims to:

  • Develop pupils' skills in using hardware and software
  • Develop their ability to use ICT to enhance communication and learning
  • Increase pupils' awareness of the potential and limitations of different types of technology

We have a lot of technology we use in school, ranging from:

  • An ICT suite equipped with 26 Computers
  • A bank fo 22 chromebooks 
  • 110 iPads for use in classes throughout the day.
  • Computers in classroom for pupils to use throughout the day
  • 15 Wedo 2.0 Lego sets.
  • Two 50” Tv's in every class.

All pupils have access to the ICT Suite, with each class timetabled for a dedicated session of ICT per week. In addition to this, pupils in KS2 have access to portable Laptops. Teachers also incorporate the use of technology into other areas of the curriculum, which enables pupils to see how the use of technology can be used in a wider context.


Our aims at Abercarn for ICT are:

  • To stimulate and promote the use of Information and Communication Technology in order to support, enhance and extend learning opportunities
  • To develop pupil's IT capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and how to select and prepare it
  • To use ICT as a tool to enhance teaching and learning throughout all curriculum areas
  • To help both pupils and staff to develop confidence and competence to use ICT in a range of situations and contexts appropriate to the task

Looking Forward

ICT is constantly changing and through review and analysis, we aim to keep our curriculum relevant and exciting for pupils. This means access to a broader range of experiences for pupils, using software and web applications in new and interesting ways. We are presently looking at ways to deliver hand held technology across the school. 
School offers texting service to help keep parents informed.


Safety and Security

The school also has its own in-house system to monitor computer usage and receives technical support from CCBC ICT

As part of the ICT curriculum internet safety and security is taught to pupils in age-appropriate stages as they move through the school.

If you have any questions about the ICT Curriculum please ask Mr Greenslade or Mr Roden.

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