The school hold electronic records (SIMs) on all pupils containing essential information. Records can be transferred with the pupils when they move schools.


It is essential that parents / guardians keep the school up to date with contact numbers and address details. Every year electronic records are updated in order for pupil records to be maintained accurately. 


The Education (School Records) Regulations:

School Governors are only required to make available for inspection the actual record, or supply a copy thereof, to an entitled person when in receipt of written request, whereupon a response must be given within fifteen school days. Governors may charge, at cost price, for a copy of a record and supply may be dealt with similarly. However, there are categories of information which the regulations anticipate as either prohibited from disclosures or which should be withheld if considered by the Governors to be unsuitable for disclosure. The Regulations specify two categories of information which are exempt from being disclosed and the provisions may be summarised as follows:

a) Information Prohibited from Disclosure
• Information as to the results of an individual pupil’s assessment - except when supplied to a pupil’s parents.
• School reports to juvenile courts
• Ethnic data – except to an ‘entitled person’ as defined in the Regulations

b) Information which Governors are Entitled to Withhold
• Information concerning another pupil
• Any information which, in the opinion of the Governors could cause serious harm to the physical or mental health or emotional condition of the pupil concerned,
• Any information on record relating to actual, alleged or suspected child abuse. Records made before 1st September, 1989.

In Abercarn School no information is contained on the school record that has not been either conveyed to parents via the Annual Report or without parental permission. Request forms for access to school records are available only from Mr G Roden (Headteacher).

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