Social Distancing

Last updated: 01:36pm | 16.06.2020

This video is a lovely way of starting a conversation with your children about social distancing. It introduces a few new ways of keeping safe with our friends. The posters and song below also help us to learn how to stay safe with our friends. 

A lovely video to help explain social distancing - While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch

Keep safe by social distancing poster.pdf

Keep safe show kindness with smiling.pdf

Keep safe air high five.pdf

Keep safe with air hugs.pdf

Two Meters Away - Social Distancing Song for Kids

This catchy song teaches kids about social distancing, explains why it's important to stay 2 metres away when around others and how long that really is.

Last modified: Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 1:36 PM