Coronavirus Contingency Plans

Last updated: 5:27pm | 23.03.2020


Schools in Wales are now closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.

The contingency plan at Abercarn Primary are now active.

Here is a summary of the contingency plan to ensure children are still educated during the closure period.

  • There will be daily communication from teachers via Seesaw. Seesaw is activated to ensure all parents can make comments etc. Every child has been provided with a work book, pens and pencils etc. Seesaw can be accessed via any platform e.g. mobile phones, tablets, desktops.


  • Seesaw will be used as our main tool to set, monitor and model tasks. Tasks are set by 9.30am daily.  It will also be used to give instructions for completing Abacus and Purple Mash work etc. (Note: Nursery and Reception do not have Abacus). Pupils must login to their Purple Mash and Abacus accounts with their own login details. Videos and photos may be used to demonstrate and model concepts etc.


  • Tasks may be assigned to children via Seesaw. Children can separately login to Seesaw and complete the tasks online using their own individual login code / QR code. This can be done on the internet or using the CLASS Seesaw App (not the Parent App). Two copies of this code were provided – Keep them safe and note them down. They are individual to each child. All types of devices can be used for this.

  • All of our online platforms e.g. Abacus, Purple Mash, Google and Hwb can be accessed via our website . Hwb offers free Office 365, Minecraft etc. It is important for you / your child to know Purple Mash and Abacus logins as this may be used to set and monitor work.  


If at any time you need login details or codes etc, you can request them using the following link:

  • Further up the school in KS2, Google Docs / email may be used to set, share and receive work. Children know their login details and know how to access Google Docs via the internet on any device. Pupil logins are: . Pupils know their password and have used this in school recently. Do not change passwords.


  • There may be occasions whereby staff members become ill and therefore cannot set, assign or monitor work / messages etc. If this is the case, you will be informed by text message. When the staff member is well enough, he/she will resume work etc. This cannot be helped if the circumstance should arise. 

Easter holidays begin on Monday 6th April and we return back to learning on Monday 20th April 2020.

Contact with the school and teachers:

  • Our text system, app, social media and website will be used regularly and we will keep parents updated via these platforms. There will be a weekly newsletter (albeit slightly different).


  • Seesaw is enabled throughout the school to allow parent comments etc.


  • The school email will be monitored daily – . If you use this email address to contact the school, please be patient for a response. We will aim to respond within 24 hours. If it is a message to a teacher, please put the teacher’s name in the “subject” bar. We may contact you by email and/or phone. Please note calls may come from a withheld / unknown number.


  • If you have any general questions regarding home learning or issues logging into the systems during school closure, we have a dedicated email address - . Again, please be patient, we will aim to respond within 24 hours.


  • The school telephone number will be available from 9am until 12pm Monday to Friday – 01495 244566. We have arranged for all calls to be diverted if required. If you cannot get through, please email – we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


  • We will still receive post as has been diverted.


Please be patient. As we are not working from the school building things may be a little slower but we will address all queries as soon as we possibly can

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