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by Abercarn Admin - Monday, 25 July 2016, 8:31 PM

Homework and helping your child at home was an area for development from the “Parent Surveys” sent home a few weeks ago.

I have outlined for every year group what activities and homework to expect.

The accompanying A3 sheet outlines further activities and ideas in order for you to support your child’s learning.

If parents want to keep things simple with any additional support at home, as a School we suggest that you focus on 3 areas:

  • Read every day with your child, talk about the text and pictures and read to your child.
  • Practice times tables – ensure your child has a good knowledge of the times tables..
  • Handwriting – short daily practice using the style provided.






  • Children will bring home a library book. Talk about the pictures / words and read the book to your child
  • Model holding a book correctly and model good reading by reading to your child
  • Sing rhymes with your child
  • Occasional work linked to Read Write Inc
  • Occasional home projects to work on together e.g. model making






  • Spelling words / flashcards every other week
  • Handwriting / letter formation – every other week
  • Reading book / picture book – every week for discussion and reading
  • Number formation during the term
  • Patrick the Bear will go home with one child every weekend for discussion, writing, drawing and photograph




Year 1


  • Spelling words every week linked to Read Write Inc / red words
  • Reading book every week for reading and discussion
  • Abacus Activelearn Maths task every week
  • Occasional holiday project




Year 2


  • Reading book every week
  • Spelling words linked to Read Write Inc and High Frequency Words
  • Thesaurus Challenge
  • Abacus Activelearn Maths task
  • Reading Comprehension weekly




Year 3


  • Reading book at least every week
  • Abacus Activelearn Maths task every week
  • Literacy Task – spellings and writing etc every week
  • Number bonds and times table practice will impact significantly on learning.




Year 4


  • Reading book – at least weekly but can be changed more frequently
  • Abacus Activelearn task every week
  • Big Talk fortnightly – discussion and preparation for Big Write
  • Half Termly project – work is displayed in school
  • Spelling words given every Monday





Children are set in Year 5 and Year 6 for Maths and English so tasks may vary depending on the set your child is in


Year 5


  • Reading book every week for reading and discussion
  • Abacus Activelearn maths task weekly
  • Big Talk work – discussion and preparation for Big Write
  • Oracy presentations and practice

Mrs Tavas teaches the “lower set” in English and Maths. Spellings words are practiced every day in English instead of a list being sent home.




Year 5 / 6


  • Reading book every week
  • Spellings every week
  • Maths Activelearn task
  • Big Talk preparation for Big Write
  • Topic based homework




Year 6


  • Weekly spellings given on a Monday
  • Abacus Activelearn task
  • Big Talk discussion and preparation for Big Write
  • Reading book every week
  • Holiday oracy preparation