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Sports Day Information Letter 2017

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Sports Day Information Letter 2017
by Abercarn Admin - Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 12:46 PM


Sports days are next week. Please remember children are to wear their team colour. Team colour information can be found on our website. Refreshments will be available from the PTA. Please remember to apply sun cream before coming to school and ensure children have water bottles. Children can wear their sports kit to school. Sports day events take place on the Astro Turf. Please walk along the drive towards the gate of the Astro Turf.  Please do not drive onto school premises.


Wednesday 5th July 2017

Rising 3’s at 9.15am

Nursery at 10.15am

Foundation Phase at 1.15pm


Thursday 6th July 2017

Key Stage 2 at 1.15pm


Please remember that no high heels can be worn on the Astro Turf and no photographs to be taken. Photographs will be available approx 5 days after the events on our website. Mrs Robinson will ensure races are announced.


Rising 3’s and Nursery

All pupils take part in all races - running race, bean bag race, egg and spoon and balance race. All children will receive a medal and a well done sticker. Please cheer and encourage all children.


Foundation Phase

All pupils will take part in the six events planned for the afternoon. There will be a running race, bean bag race, obstacle race, egg and spoon race, sack race and javelin. Children who come 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be given the appropriate sticker and all children will receive a “Well Done” sticker for participating. All children will be provided with water during the afternoon. Please cheer and encourage all children.


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Sports Day is split into a morning and afternoon session. Parents are invited to the afternoon session although it is important to realise that children have been competing in events throughout the day. All children have chosen at least 2 events for the morning session and 1 event for the afternoon plus a relay race. Please cheer and encourage all children.


Events during the morning are: Throw a bean bag, soft javelin, obstacle, sack race, 150m, 200m, 2 person relay, high jump, shot put, speed bounce, standing long jump and five strands. (Children have chosen at least two events to participate in)


Events during the afternoon are: Bean Bag, 50m, 100m, egg and spoon, skipping and running relays. (Children have chosen at least 1 event to participate in as all children participate in the relays).


Children are split into three houses – Usk (Red – Coch), Sirhowy (Green – Gwyrdd) and Ebbw (Yellow – Melyn). The house team are competing to win the Sports Day Cup. Children are awarded points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (20 points for 1st, 15 points for 2nd and 10 points for 3rd)  Mrs Robinson will announce the points at the start of the afternoon and will announce the winning team at the end of all races. Pupils will be kept informed throughout the day.


Children will be given the appropriate sticker for 1st, 2n and 3rd and will receive the appropriate points for their team.


At the end of the afternoon, the winning “team” will be announced and a medal ceremony will take place. All pupils will receive a medal -  either Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on what position their team finished.


In order for parents to be kept up to date during the morning and throughout the day, Mr Greenslade will be “tweeting” information and pictures using #AbercarnSport or alternatively you can visit on the internet.