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Weekly Newsletter 3rd April

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Weekly Newsletter 3rd April
by Abercarn Admin - Monday, 3 April 2017, 6:26 PM

SAINSBURY VOUCHERS (25th January to 30th June 2017)

We are collecting Sainsbury Active Kids Vouchers. Please send in any vouchers. Your support is greatly appreciated!


The Local Authority Safeguarding  policy is very clear in that the school will not release a child that requires accompanying (i.e. Primary age) to anyone under the age of 16 without written specific prior consent.  Therefore if you require your child to be collected by a sibling under age 16 you will need to sign the written request to the school stating that you are satisfied that the child collecting is competent to care for their sibling  and you understand that you retain full responsibility for your own child once the child is released from school.  The policy states as follows at the end of section 2;

2.2: As a school we also recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents/person with parental responsibility to avoid foreseeable risks to children.  Whilst the school has a robust system of risk assessment in place for issues within school, risks outside the school gates must be managed in partnership with good communication.  Parents/person with parental responsibility are required to make their wishes for the release or collection of their children explicit to the school in writing.

2.3: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the NSPCC both recommend that no one under 16 years of age should be left to care for a younger child, whilst there is no minimum age set in law, our school will implement suggested guidance and not routinely release younger children who require collection to anyone under the age of 16.  Individual requests to consider a variation to this policy will be considered on its merits and clearly recorded, a parental signature will be required.  Without an appropriate authorising signed request, the school will adhere to the guidance as listed above.

Please complete a form from the school office if you wish your child to continue to be released at the end of the school day to the sibling under age 16. The full Safeguarding Policy is available from the school office and online.


Parents are reminded that all children who attend Breakfast Club are expected to eat breakfast.  The club was set up, and receives funding, to provide a free breakfast for pupils


This week is Week 1


Many classes are full for this week’s open day so if you have put your name down and find you cannot attend please inform school as we have waiting lists for some classes.


Spring Term finishes on Friday 7th April 2017 at 3.30pm.

School re-opens for Summer Term on Monday 24th April 2017


Please try and use this phrase as much as possible for this week! If you struggle saying it ask someone to help you or go onto our Facebook / Twitter to hear the phrase!

Dw i'n wedi blino – I’m feeling tired!