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Governors Blog 4 (July 2019)

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Governors Blog 4 (July 2019)
by Abercarn Primary - Saturday, 9 November 2019, 10:58 PM

The Governors of Abercarn Primary School believe termly updates are beneficial so that parents are updated about what has been discussed and agreed at Governing Body meetings. The first Governors Blog was extremely well received and so Governors will build on this throughout the year.

Reminders about who your Governors are:


The Chair of Governors is Allan Raybould. Allan is retired and has substantial experience of education having been an extremely successful Secondary School Headteacher at a local school. Allan contributes extensively to our school and challenges / supports the Headteacher effectively.

Vice Chairperson

Our Vice Chair of Governors is Rhona Fry. Rhona is a very experienced Governor and makes valuable contributions to the life and work of the school. Rhona is a Community Governor although many of you will know Rhona as a parent of two children here at Abercarn Primary. Rhona can be regularly seen around school.

Community Governor

Debbie Thomas is a co-opted Community Governor. Many parents will know Deb from working as a hairdresser in our local community and will see Deb most days around school dropping off and collecting her two children. Deb is well known in the community and will offer valuable contributions to our Governing Body. 

Parent Governors

Our Parent Governors are elected by parents. We have four Parent Governors: Rachel Beddoe, Dave Matthews, Emma Richards and Dawn Ashley. Each bring valuable skills and experiences to the Governing Body and represent parents extremely well.

Local Authority Governors

We have three Local Authority Governors who many of you will know. Cllr. Andrew Whitcombe, Cllr Denver Preece and Sarah Llewellyn. Both councillors are well known within our community and Sarah is a PE Teacher at a local Secondary School.

Staff and Teacher Governors

The staff of Abercarn Primary are also represented on the Governing Body. Aimee Harry is the Teacher Governor and Luke Greenslade is the Staff Governor. Both Aimee and Luke are extremely experienced members of staff and contribute effectively to the Governing Body.

Finally, there is me as Headteacher. As Headteacher I am what is known as an “ex officio” Governor. I can decide to be a Governor or not – I have decided to be a Governor.

Some items Governors discussed at the meeting in July 2019:


·       Governors extended a warm welcome to two new members of teaching staff appointed during the term – Mr Philip Perry and Mr Elliot Yamamoto.

·       Governors also thanked Mrs S Fowler for the commitment she has made to the school and wish her the very best with her new venture.

Termly Headteachers Report to the Governors

The Headteacher presented his termly written report to the Governors. The Headteacher report covers many aspects:

Pupil Numbers and Exclusions

·       Pupil numbers remain stable. As of 1st September 2019, the LA will reduce the admission number of Abercarn Primary from 34 to 32. This will mean nearly all year groups are full with only 3 spaces available throughout the whole school.

·       Governors acknowledged and supported the exclusions made in Summer Term 2019. Governors agree that exclusion is used as a last resort.


·       Attendance for Autumn and Spring Term was above the target. For Summer Term up to the date of the HT report the Attendance is well below the target set. This is due to substantial holiday requests, sickness and a minority of persistent lateness. Governors support the HT with all attendance initiatives.

Additional Learning Needs

·       Governors congratulated Mrs A. Harry on becoming the new ALNCo for Abercarn Primary. The summer term is a transition period with Mrs A. Harry taking up the post from 1st September 2019.

·       Governors discussed the current devolved funding and support in place and acknowledged the number of pupils in receipt of additional support.

Safeguarding and Looked After Children

·       Governors acknowledged the termly report presented concerning Safeguarding and LAC pupils.

Well Being and Pupil Voice

·       Governors congratulated our new Head / Deputy Head Boy and Girl and thanked the outgoing pupils for their commitment to the role throughout the year.

E-Safety and GDPR

·       E-Safety and GDPR progress acknowledged by the Governors.

Teaching and Learning

·       Governors acknowledged the current standards in Teaching and Learning throughout the school.

·       Governors also received an update regarding processes and procedures for monitoring teaching and learning.

School organisation

·       The class / staffing structure for September 2019 was presented to Governors and unanimously supported.

·       Governors discussed the new Year 5 / 6 classes together with the criteria for splitting the current Year 4 and Year 5 classes. The split was based on ensuring a mixed ability range in each class using a range of assessment / teacher assessments and also ensured children were amongst friends.

Staffing School Development Plan

·       The School Development Plan for 2019-2020 - Priorities and actions were discussed and approved unanimously.

Finance and Grants

·       Governors acknowledged the strong financial management and stable budget moving forward. The budget for 2019-2020 was unanimously approved by Governors in May 2019.

·       All EIG and PDG Grants approved and committed.

Health and Safety

·       Governors received an update on all Health and Safety aspects and received a written summary of the work undertaken by Emma Edwards (Schools Health and Safety Officer).

·       Governors were pleased to note the new closer to the Pedestrian gate and intercom on the main gates.

·       Resurfacing works are hopefully being undertaken during the Summer break.

Curriculum and Targets

·       Governors acknowledged and discussed that end of Phase outcomes / levels for Year 2 and Year 6 and congratulated all staff and pupils on excellent performance.

·       Governors received a detailed update on Curriculum 2022 and the direction the school was taking with implementing curriculum reform. Governors congratulated all staff on their impressive work to date and look forward to seeing the new curriculum in action beginning with some changes being made from September 2019. The Headteacher acknowledged several parent engagement sessions will need to be implemented throughout the year.

** Governors provided a range of challenge and questions throughout the Headteachers Report presentation.

Governors thanked all staff and pupils for their hard work this year and thanked parents for their continued support.

Confirmed minutes and matters arising

Governors confirmed the minutes of the previous meeting and discussed any matters arising.

Future meeting

·       The next meeting will be the AGM on Thursday 3rd October 2019. At this meeting, the Headteacher will provide a list of dates for Governors to visit the school, observe the day to day running and be involved in monitoring, evaluation and review processes.


Look out for the next Governors Blog in October 2019