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Coronavirus Contingency Plans

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Coronavirus Contingency Plans
by Abercarn Admin - Friday, 13 March 2020, 3:18 PM


This continues to be a developing situation and we will update parents with additional advice as and when required. The most recent advice and links to Government guidance is available on our school website.

The most up to date advice is:

1: Anyone with a persistent cough or high temperature should:

·       Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people (self- isolate) for 7 days

·       Not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital, but call NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647 (or 111 if available in their local area) for medical advice.

·       Follow any medical advice

2: School trips abroad have been banned by the UK Government with effect from Friday 13th March 2020.


Schools are not currently closing. However, contingency plans are now in place at Abercarn Primary if this situation changes. This is only for us all to be prepared. We are not currently closing. We will await further advice from the Government and Local Authority.

If we were to close in the future:

·       There will be daily communication from teachers via Seesaw. This will be used to set, monitor and model tasks e.g. Spelling Zone, Abacus, Literacy, Topic, Reading and Welsh task etc. Videos and photos may be used to demonstrate and model concepts. (The very few parents not connected to Seesaw have been sent a link via text in order to join – please do this)

All of our online platforms e.g. Abacus, Purple Mash, Google and Hwb can be accessed via our website It is important for you / your child to know Purple Mash and Abacus logins as this may be used to set and monitor work.  


If at any time you need login details or codes etc, you can request them using the following link:


·       Further up the school e.g. KS2, Google Docs / Email may be used to set, share and receive work. Children know their login details and know how to access Google Docs via the internet.

·       Our text system, app, social media and website will be updated regularly and we will keep parents updated via these platforms daily (Mon-Fri). (If you have changed your mobile number, please make sure we have updated contact details).


Please continue to encourage your child to wash their hands thoroughly and to “Catch it, Bin it Kill it”. Children continue to wash their hands on entry to school, before playtime and before lunch. They are also encouraged to wash / sanitize their hands throughout the day.


If you visit school, all visitors will be asked to wash their hands on arrival – do not be offended. I am aware that rumours circulate very quickly. If at any time there are important messages for parents, I will text all parents immediately. If you have not heard it directly from the school – it is highly likely not to be true!