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Governors Blog 6 (January 2020)

Governors Blog 6 (January 2020)

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Governors Blog

Some items discussed at the Governing Body meeting in January 2020:

The meeting opened with the usual order of business – receiving apologies (3 apologies received), providing consent for absence, considering any vacancies including Committee vacancies. Currently there are no vacancies on the Governing Body.

The clerk alerted the Chair to two Governors whose terms are coming to an end – Allan Raybould and Cllr. Preece.

At this point Allan Raybould withdrew from the meeting and the Clerk instigated a vote for Mr Raybould to continue his term. It was unanimously agreed for Mr Raybould to continue a new term as Governor.

Governors received a verbal Headteachers Report. The Headteacher report covers a range of aspects including:

Safeguarding and Looked After Children

Governors acknowledged the Safeguarding and LAC pupils update.

Well Being and Pupil Voice

Governors were informed of Eco Committee progress and reaccreditation of Platinum Green Flag. Governors praised the work of the Committee, pupils and staff.

School Development Plan and Self-Evaluation

Governors received a summary of the SDP and progress towards objectives including Self Evaluation progress and updates. Governors acknowledged the key focus areas for Spring Term 2020.

Governors were made aware of Staff Professional Development opportunities and teachers building links with other schools. Governors were also informed each staff member was starting a Class Based Inquiry / Research Project in line with Professional Standards for Teachers. The HT outlined some of the projects. Governors were keen for teachers to undertake the research and receive further updates in forthcoming meetings.

Teaching and Learning

Governors acknowledged the current standards in Teaching and Learning throughout the school.

Governors also received an update regarding processes and procedures for monitoring teaching and learning and what activities have been undertaken by school so far this year.

Finance and Grants

The finance committee were meeting after the full Governors meeting for detailed analysis of budget. Governors acknowledged the grant expenditure and RAG rating and current impact.

All EIG, PDG, Professional Learning Grants approved and committed.

Governors thanked all staff and pupils for their hard work and congratulated the Eco Committee on reaccreditation of the Platinum Green Flag.

** Governors provided a range of challenge and questions throughout the Headteachers presentation.


The Policy Committee recommended several policies for approval including updated Safeguarding Policy, G Suite Policy and Website Privacy. The policies were unanimously approved.

Governor Training:

Governor training was outlined by the clerk and feedback received from Governors on any training undertaken.

Confirmed minutes and matters arising:

Governors confirmed the minutes of the previous meeting and discussed any matters arising.

Future meetings:

Governors confirmed dates for Spring Term. The next full meeting will be Thursday 18th March 2020 and Finance Committee will be Thursday 13th February 2020.

Following the Full Governors Meeting, the Finance Committee and Staffing Committee met to discuss both finance and staffing matters.

Look out for the next Governors Blog in March 2020