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Weekly Newsletter 25th November 2019

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Weekly Newsletter 25th November 2019
by Abercarn Admin - Monday, 25 November 2019, 1:34 PM


As it is now well and truly winter and becoming very cold during the day, all children are expected to wear appropriate uniform to school. We do not expect to see shorts, summer dresses / bare legs. It is only during the summer months / extreme weather that shorts and summer dresses can be worn. Our uniform policy does not dictate different items of clothing on the basis of sex, gender or religious belief. Our Uniform (Nursery – Year 6) consists of:

•       Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan;

•       Blue polo shirt;

•       Grey or black skirt / trousers; (Summer / Extreme weather - shorts and summer dresses in red / blue check);

•       Black / Dark coloured footwear;

•       White or black socks / white or grey tights;

In line with our policy that takes account of Welsh Government Circular No: 247/2019, pupils can choose to wear any of the items above. Please ensure from this point onwards, children are dressing appropriately in line with our policy. A full copy of our policy on uniform can be obtained from the school office.


Please be aware that the closing date for forms is Friday 29th of November. This year we will not be calling individual parents who haven’t put forms in for their children. All outstanding pupils have been sent texts messages well in advance of the deadline in order for them to submit forms. All tickets left will be sold off at the school office (8.30am) on Monday 2nd of December. We will keep a list if you cannot physically get to the school and allocate tickets from the queue and the school list fairly.


There will be no-one working in the office on TUESDAY 3RD DECEMBER so if your child has an appointment and needs to be collected early please let us know well in advance so we can make arrangements.  Please do not go to the office at the start or end of day because office will be closed.


The Inclement weather procedure . Please familiarise yourself with the procedures in place as we approach the colder more unpredictable weather! Please keep it handy and ensure contact details are up to date in the school office.

During the winter months, please take extra care on your approach to school and when on school premises. Please walk on gritted areas within school grounds and ensure you pay attention to any changes to entering the building.


Our Culture Day was last Friday. It was lovely to see so many children dressed up. Children participated in activities throughout the day and had a lovely Japanese themed lunch.


The Governors Annual Report to Parents is now available on our school website. Also the latest Governor Blogs can be found on our website for parents to read in order to understand a little more about the life and work of our Governors.


Over the next couple of months we will be having Educational Welfare Officers undertaking Lateness checks on random days. Please ensure you are on time. If you are late you will be challenged by the EWO


Please remember our Christmas Fayre is on Friday 29th November 2019. Further details will follow.ALN Surgery

Friday 29th November 2019 is the next ALN SURGERY with Mrs Harry for children with Additional Learning Needs. Please ring the appointment if you need to discuss anything.


This week is Menu 1


Please try and use the following phrase:

Beth wyt ti'n bwyta? What do you like to eat?

Dw i'n bwyta... I like eating…


It is important for children to attend school regularly. We will be chasing parents if pupils have attendance of below 95% and will be contacting the Education Welfare Officer if pupils are not punctual and attendance drops below 90%. Our attendance target for this year is 95% - Attendance forms part of the categorisation criteria of schools – Please help us to achieve well!