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Weekly Newsletter 28th January 2019

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Weekly Newsletter 28th January 2019
by Abercarn Primary - Monday, 28 January 2019, 7:57 PM


Congratulations to our Football 2 Team who came 2nd in the Cluster League and will now go through to play in the regional finals – Well done everyone!



Soon the school will be having a new system by which dinner and trip monies will need to be paid. The system is online, and after the half-term holidays you will be given a pack to help you setup a user. Once the system goes live you will need to ensure that your child is kept in credit in order for them to have school meals. The system will not have any provision to allow meals without payment. As we as a school prepare for the transition we need to make sure that no child has any dinner arrears, so if you owe money, please make sure you pay it to the office as soon as possible. As of this week, in an effort to stop arrears from mounting, no child will be given more than £10 credit. If your child reaches £10 owing and no money is provided, we will stop meals. Further details on this subject will be provided between now and the date it goes live.


If you have a child or know a child who is due to start Nursery in September, please contact the school office urgently if you have not already applied online.


As the weather is due to turn colder, please take extra care on your journey to school and when on school premises only walk on gritted pathways – please stay off the school yards on icy days.


Please be aware that breakfast club may enter through the Junior door and Foundation Phase through the main door – look out for signs / texts that will inform you of changes.



A Governors Blog  is now available on the School website. It will highlight any discussions / decisions made in respect of any points raised by parents / school development etc.


This week is Menu 2



Please try and use the following phrases – Our Criw Cymraeg produce the phrases each week

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi? – What do you like?

Dwi'n hoffi... I like…