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Newsletter 35 (Friday 2nd July 2021)

Newsletter 35 (Friday 2nd July 2021)

by Abercarn Admin -
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Happy Friday everybody! We are fast approaching the end of term and I was hoping to get plans for September / Autumn Term to you before now but discussions are still ongoing with Welsh Government and Caerphilly are working hard to gain answers.  Nothing has been confirmed and no formal guidance has been issued explaining what we must do from September.  At the moment I am in limbo with how things will run and I am planning for several scenarios but I have nothing definite.  I am hoping to get some clarity today or within the next couple of days.  I promise I will get something out to you as soon as I have something definite.  I am really sorry but it is out of my control.

End of Term / Start of Term

Term finishes on Wednesday 14th July 2021. It will finish at the usual staggered times. Term restarts on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

Congratulations Mrs Pardoe

Many of you know Mrs Pardoe (Teaching Assistant) from either her being with children in Year 4, Reception and Nursery or out in the mornings greeting everyone with a friendly smile. Mrs Pardoe only works with us in the mornings and for the past several years has undertaken training in the afternoons. Mrs Pardoe was ordained last Saturday and is now Reverend Pardoe. She will be leaving us at the end of term so she can dedicate all her time to her new role. Congratulations and best wishes Reverend Pardoe!


The Abercarn PTA summer raffle is open and will be drawn next Friday 9 July at 10.00. All prizes have been kindly donated by companies in your community:

  1. Afternoon tea for two at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny
  2. Mountain View Ranch – Family pass
  3. Jelly Tots Play Centre - Two free entries in July
  4. Wax melts (box of) from Lovelies 
  5. Cup cakes (box of 6) from Lara's Lovelies (voucher)
  6. Cup cakes (box of 6) from Molly's Cupcakes (voucher)
  7. Cup cakes (box of 6) from Bakes by Ellie (voucher)
  8. Cup cakes (box of 6) from Bakes by Ellie (voucher)
  9. Brownies (box of 8) from Bake Sense Wales
  10. Domino's - one large pizza (voucher)
  11. Mc Donald's - four medium extra value meals (voucher)
  12. Oil burner and wax melts from Lovelies
  13. Hand Gel Nail voucher from Perfectly Pampered (mobile beauty) (voucher value £15)
  14. Personalised shorts and tee set from ISLA Bee (voucher)
  15. Sweet treats surprise from Lilibees
  16. Coffee & cake for two at The Bank Coffee Shop (voucher)

This year the raffle is online, so follow the link below to enter. You can help support your school by sharing the link with your family and friends.  Winners can collect prizes from school from Monday 12 July.


WG Operational Guidance

I still have no guidance from the Welsh Government regarding September, I promise that if I had the guidance then I would provide the information to you. I will hopefully be able to send confirmed details next week. I am once again trying to plan for several different scenarios with the ultimate aim of keeping everyone safe as we move forward.

I am anticipating: (this is not confirmed)

  • We will start on Thursday 2nd September 2021, Nursery is starting on a staggered basis.
  • Start and finish times will return to everyone starting at 9am and everyone finishing at 3.30pm (Nursery 11.30am). It will be busy! We may need to use different entrances / exits and keep a one way system to help with congestion. We may need to continue with staggered times although this will be confirmed.
  • Breakfast Club will start week beginning 13th September 2021 at 8.10am, we will aim to keep children in “year groups” and will aim to start Breakfast Club whatever guidance is issued in order to support families as much as possible. This will be confirmed.  Breakfast will only be yoghurt and fruit for the moment.
  • To keep everyone safe during the colder winter months we will keep children in bubbles but the bubbles will be much larger instead of smaller class e.g. All Year 3 as one bubble, all Year 4/5 classes as one bubble, best of both worlds, children with friends but in bubbles too. The winter period may be tricky so we need to keep everybody as safe as possible.
  • For any events that take place we will try to hold them on a class basis so we do not have a huge amount of adults on site especially during the winter months. This means parents / families can be involved but we are living with the virus too. This will be confirmed and will be in line with any risk assessments.
  • We will still have staggered break times and lunchtimes within the larger bubbles as this has worked well (fewer accidents, more play opportunities and happier children) – it also keeps everyone safe. We will gradually move to our “old” break and lunch times during the year.
  • Further information on face coverings will be provided.

I stress this is not definite, I will confirm as soon as I can. It is a guess and I may be completely wrong.

I am hoping you will agree this may be a sensible approach going forward, not rushing, not putting anyone at risk but becoming more like usual practice. Whatever happens I need to do what our risk assessment states.  I know it won’t please everybody but my approach throughout this pandemic has been to keep everybody as safe as possible. My approach now is to keep everybody safe whilst living with the virus and use what has worked well going forward. We may find moving back to our old routines does not work or suit us now so will need to consult with everybody if we make any changes going forward.

Nursery and Reception September 2021 Meetings

There is meeting for parents of children who will be in Reception Class from September on Friday 9th July 2021 at 10am on MS Teams, meeting link and invite is on Seesaw. There is also a meeting for our new Nursery parents at 2pm on Friday 9th July 2021, meeting link and invite on Seesaw and provided via email.

Meet the Teacher

We will be having our “Meet the Teacher” afternoon on Friday 9th July 2021. Children will have the opportunity to meet their new teacher and visit their new classroom. Many Key Stage 2 staff are moving classrooms next year so children will visit the classroom they will be in.

Year 6 Leavers

It is nearly time for the all anticipated leavers video. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come:


The leavers day video will be live streamed at 1pm on Wednesday 14th July 2021.

Year 6 Chromebooks

Please can Year 6 return their Chromebook. / Headphones to school on Monday, Many Thanks

School Dinners and Fruit

Hot food next week is WEEK 1. Parents need to ensure Upay accounts are topped up. Hot food is available for all children. Fruit will be available free to all children. Children can bring in a healthy snack too. Lunch menus can be found at  

Reminders: Positive Cases and Test Results

Please continue to use the email address to alert me to any positive test results out of school hours. Please only use this email for positive results out of school hours only. Use the school email address for any other information you wish to share. If you use the out of hours email address, please expect a call from me using a withheld number.

There are still children, parents and family members going for tests and therefore there is always the possibility of the need to isolate a class etc. School staff also undertake tests twice weekly and could potentially receive a positive result causing a class needing to isolate, Covid has not gone away!

If we have a case in school, classes may need to isolate for 10 days. Please be alert and ensure the number we have on file for text messages is up to date as we will use a text to alert you to case and any isolation required, it maybe late at night or early in the morning, please be alert. 


Please do not send your child to school if he or she is:

  • Unwell in any way, please make sure your child is 100%, we need to be as safe as possible.
  • Has COVID symptoms and / or
  • A family member is waiting for test results. Wait until you have received the result and your child is better before sending your child to school!

Reporting an absence

Please do not report absence / illness using SeeSaw as it may not be picked up in time and we need to ensure everyone is safe. Please either:
1: Use the report an absence feature on MySchoolApp
2: Complete the form at
3: Report an absence on our telephone line by pressing 1 and leaving a message.