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Newsletter 19 (Friday 12th February 2021)

Newsletter 19 (Friday 12th February 2021)

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Hello everyone! We’ve all made it to half term! Well done everyone! You’ve done yourselves proud once again! I genuinely mean that! These times are exceptionally challenging and everyone is working really hard! Well done! It’s half term next week! Spend some nice time together as a family and have a lovely relax. After half term we welcome back Foundation Phase children and will continue remote learning for Key Stage 2. Hopefully it will not be too much longer until all children are back in school!

As promised, here are some reminders and further information for after half term 22nd February 2021 onwards. Apologies for the long list. Hopefully I’ve answered and clarified questions raised by parents. Just to be clear we will follow the latest operational guidance from the Welsh Government in order to keep our school as safe as possible. 

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will start on Monday 22nd February 2021 and Rising 3’s will start on Tuesday 23rd February 2021. 

** The most important thing to remember is that COVID-19 has not gone away. We ALL need to follow the rules, create space, wear masks and wash hands as much as possible. Please do not gather at the school gates and please do not stop for a chat with friends keep moving and keep your distance.

Face Coverings, Sanitising and Social Distancing

  • All adults  please wear a face covering / mask when on school property. Spare masks are in a white box near the gate, help yourselves if you have forgotten yours. The only exception is for medical reasons. Please wear a mask. Even if you are just standing in by the gate, do your bit!
  • Sanitise hands on entry to the premises.
  • Keep your distance from others. In areas that you need to cross  do so with as much space as possible between you and others. When waiting / queuing, keep your distance, spread out!

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

  • Please be on time for both drop off and collection.


Drop off

Pick Up


9.00am – Nursery Gate


11.30am – Nursery Gate – wait on front yard.


9.00am – Main entrance

3.15pm – Wait on front Yard

Year 1

8.50am – Year 1 Gate

3.05pm – Front Yard / Year 1 Gate

Year 2

8.50am – Main entrance -

3.05pm – Main entrance - queue

KS2 Hub Classes


All enter through Junior door and go straight to classroom (Supervised entry to prevent mixing)


All exit through Junior door (Supervised exit to prevent mixing)


  • The school bus is running. Please contact the school on Monday 22nd February 2021 so we can update our list of children using the bus. Usual morning pick up times and 3.30pm from school to home.

 Lunch and Snack

  • All Foundation Phase pupils and any child in the KS2 hubs will need to bring packed lunch to school for 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th February 2021. Free School Meal deliveries will be made during this week too.
  • Hot food will be available from Monday 1st March 2021  Parents will need to ensure Upay accounts are topped up. This is likely to be available for both Foundation Phase children and any child in the KS2 hubs although this will be confirmed.
  • Fruit will be available free to all children. Children can also bring in a healthy snack too.


  • Little Stars will be available from Monday 22nd February 2021 for both Foundation Phase and KS2 Hub children. Parents must be aware that your child will be crossing “contact groups”. Please contact “Little Stars” for further details.

Equipment – Bags, Pencil cases etc

  • Please limit what your child brings into school. All he/she needs is a packed lunch and snack we will provide everything else.

Handwashing and Hygiene / Catch it Bin it Kill it

  • Children will continue to wash their hands many times during the day. Reinforce this with your child
  • Children will continue to sanitise their hands many times during the day. Reinforce this with your child.
  • Please reinforce the “Catch it, bin it, kill it” message for sneezes and coughs etc.


  • The Welsh Government is clear that from 22nd February 2021, school is open for Foundation Phase pupils. Therefore, all Foundation Phase children are expected to attend. Remote learning for Foundation Phase children will stop as teachers will be in class.

Illness and Positive Cases

  • If your child is ill – please do not send him/her to school – please be cautious.
  • If anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID, please do not send your child to school. Get a test!
  • If your child tests positive out of school hours – please send an email with as much detail as possible to  we will call you back to confirm some details etc.
  • If we have a positive case in a classroom children and staff will still need to isolate for 10 days. Remote learning will then take over. We will inform everyone using our text message system  this could be early in the morning or late at night.

Key Stage 2 Children

  • Remote learning will continue from 22nd February 2021.
  • We will try to keep the routine and structure the same like what it is now. There maybe a few changes due to half the school being back in which will raise some logistical problems.
  • We will still keep in touch with you  we will still make phone calls etc to check you are okay.

Masks / Face coverings

  • Adults in school will be wearing face coverings both inside and outside the classroom.

Anti-bullying Ambassador Training

On Thursday, Year 5 and Year 6 children attended virtual Anti Bullying Training with Mr Perry. Firstly, the hosts of the training were so impressed with how lovely and enthusiastic the children - well done! We now have new Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Ioan, Ava, Jasmine, Maisie, Logan, Jayden S, Evie, Ruby, Aemilia, Bethany, Chloe, Noah and Kacey

Critical Worker Hub Classes

Thank you so much for working with us. Please only send your child in for the days that you require – if you have days off in the week or are working from home please be fair!  If everyone has a small bite of the pie then everyone has some, the difficulty is when everyone wants to take a large bite of the pie!

If days change week by week – you must let us know every Friday by calling the office on 01495 244566. I need to ensure I am keeping everybody as safe as possible.

 If it is at all possible - KS2 children must be looked after at home. 


Good news – The Chromebooks for Key Stage 2 children were delivered to school today! We will get them bagged and out to you within the first couple of days back after half term! Further instructions will follow!

Please check out:

It has lots of useful information about Chromebooks, Connecting your Chromebook, Google G-Suite guides and E-Safety information, well worth a look.


If you have any children or know anyone that will be applying to start our Nursery, the deadline for applications is 26th February 2021. Applications must be made online via the CCBC website.

Positive Cases and Test Results

Please use the email address to alert me to any positive test results out of school hours. Please only use this email for positive results out of school hours only. Use the school email address for any other information you wish to share. If you use the out of hours email address – please expect a call from me using a withheld number.

Do not send children to our Childcare Class if your child is:

  • Unwell
  • Symptomatic and / or
  • He/She or a family member is waiting for test results.

Wait until you have received the result and your child is better before sending your child to school!

Weekly Assembly

The latest assembly from Mrs. Pardoe  “Love Hearts” is available on our YouTube Channel and Social Media platforms and our Home Leaning website (

E-Safety and Online Manners

Don’t forget to check out  as all we need to keep everyone safe online!

COVID, Home Learning and Health and Well Being

Please check out the COVID, Home Learning and Well Being sections on our website . Our website is full of useful information and links to support home learning. It also provides information about our COVID response and a wealth of activities to support wellbeing and mental health.

If any child feels anxious or worried about current events or anything, the Childline website has lots of advice and support. The website address is or they can be telephoned free on 0800 1111