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Expressive Arts Theme Week Finale

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Expressive Arts Theme Week Finale
by Mr L Greenslade - Tuesday, 2 October 2018, 8:36 AM

There is a buzz of excitement around the  school as we prepare our performances for Thursday 4th October.

Tickets are 50p per Child. All pupils have made their own tickets, You will be able to keep the tickets.

Performances start on the dot at 2pm, so please arrive promptly. We are expecting lots of people, so please bear this in mind for parking etc.

All classes will be performing in their own rooms EXCEPT 6B and 5, who will be in the hall.

Every class will perform twice and the performances last about 10 minutes to give you time to get from place to place. You will be directed around the outside of the buildings to avoid congestion in the corridors. Please leave all buggies outside. There will be no space in the classrooms.

NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS. There will be recordings on the website.

Every class has a CD case with their own album art for sale. These are 50p each. We have made 2 per child.

If you are not able to attend, but want to buy the art, then please send the money with your child who can buy it straight away.

Children are to stay in their own classes until 3pm when they can be signed out by their parent. If a family member is coming instead of the parent, the class teacher needs to be informed as to whether that person is signing them out or whether they are going home at 3:30pm as usual.  We definitely need to know who is not on the bus.