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Childcare Places Update

Childcare Places Update

by Abercarn Admin -
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Dear Parents

I’m really sorry to be writing this but I need to do my best to keep everyone safe - pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. We started our emergency childcare classes and remote learning last week. The criteria for an emergency childcare place is:

1: Your child must be school age and registered to a Caerphilly school.

2: One parent must be a critical worker.

3: Where there is a 2nd parent or adult in the household they must also be a critical worker and must be required to attend the workplace (e.g. not working from home) and the child cannot be safely cared for at home.

4: You must reside within Caerphilly borough.

Initially, we contacted everyone who had gone through the Local Authority application process and offered them a place. We were trying to be fair and help everyone out who genuinely needed childcare. We offered as many days as requested. However, with being helpful our numbers requiring a childcare place have increased significantly. This is defeating the “stay at home” message and putting more children, staff and families at risk. Movement and interactions need to be minimal.

We are now going through all applications in detail as there may be some confusion with the criteria. We are aware that some parents have not provided all the required information e.g. both parents details have not been provided or in some instances parents may have provided incorrect information.

To be clear - if there are two parents / adults in the household BOTH need to be critical workers and BOTH should be working in the workplace and not from home. If one or both parents / adults are actually working from home then you are not entitled to a childcare place. We are also aware that some parents work part time but have requested full time childcare or one sibling is coming into school and the other sibling staying at home etc.

Please can you contact us urgently in order to clarify the details you provided and exact need for a childcare place. We will be starting to contact parents from tomorrow.

Apologies for having to write this but I’m only trying to keep everybody as safe as possible and be as fair as possible.