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MySchoolApp Help:
by Mr L Greenslade - Thursday, 17 May 2018, 7:14 PM

Some troubleshooting tips to try if you're unable to ‘Sign-in’ after our recent update.


Some troubleshooting tips to try if you're unable to  ‘Sign-in’ after our recent update

The latest version of mySchoolApp has now been released and we are now asking all users to follow a simple process to validate their accounts.


Firstly, please ensure that you have followed the update process and downloaded the latest version of the App


Apple App Store (2.1.0)

Android Google Play (2.0.12)


The version numbers above refer to mySchoolApp and are correct at 17/05/18. 
Please check the app stores for the latest releases of our dedicated apps.


The Validation Process

1.      After opening the App, you will be asked to search for and select your school

2.     Hit ‘Sign In’

3.     Enter the Email address you used to originally set-up your mySchoolApp account

4.     Enter the PIN you created at registration

5.     Please Read and confirm you are happy to accept the App Terms of use and Privacy Policy statement

6.     Check your Email and confirm your account by hitting the ‘Activate Account’ button in the Email our system sends you

7.     Open the app and ‘Sign In’

8.     That’s it, you’re all set-up!


Other considerations

“I get a ‘wrong PIN’ message”:

1.      Hit the ‘Forgotten PIN’ button on the Sign In Page

2.     Enter the Email address you provided when you originally registered and follow the link to reset your PIN


“Why am I not receiving any Emails from mySchoolApp?”:

1.      Please check all SPAM / Junk Folders

2.     Please ensure that the Email address you provided on registration is valid (if not, you can Register a new account with your correct address by tapping Register instead of Sign in)

3.     Please contact  and let us know the School you are trying to access and a member of our team will offer any help that we can