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Governors Blog 7 (July 2020)

Governors Blog 7 (July 2020)

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The work of Abercarn Primary School Governors did not stop as a result of Covid-19 closure. All communication and decisions were made virtually to ensure all school business continued effectively. Here are some items that were addressed between March and the end of Summer Term 2020:

  • Governors received regular updates in the form of an amended electronic Headteachers Report. The Headteacher report covered a range of items including:

Closure updates and plans.

Online Learning updates including engagement and progress of pupils.

School processes and staff updates.

Survey and responses.

Reopening updates.

  • Governors agreed the Staffing Structure for 2020-2021. This included considering the progress of pupils and potential support and challenge required in 2020-2021 as a result of closure. Governors agreed to maintain the current class structure and agreed to an additional part time teacher in Year 2 to support Year 1 pupils.  
  • Governors continued their work with School Finance, SLAs, Grants and Budget. Governors agreed the Service Level Agreements for 2020-2021, set and agreed the school budget and grant expenditure. Governors were provided with updates on the school budget by the Headteacher following virtual meetings with the LA Finance Officer. Governors agreed to summer projects / expenditure.
  • Governors were provided with a range of information regarding the “Well Being” of both staff and pupils. Governors were updated regarding the process for contacting families fortnightly and updated with information on staff risk assessments.
  • Governors were provided with information regarding Health and Safety. This included an update regarding routine checks during closure undertaken by Mr S Watson to ensure the school could open successfully when needed. Site Risk Assessments were agreed following the guidance provided by the Welsh Government and LA.
  • Governors were fully consulted with “Reopening Plans” for both the “Check in Catch Up and Prepare” sessions and for full reopening in September 2020 following WG Guidance. Plans for both staff and parents were provided that included detailed safety provisions. Plans were consulted upon and agreed unanimously by the Governing Body. 

** Governors provided challenge and questions to ensure the effective day to day running of the school during closure.  


The Policy Committee checked, agreed and recommended “Live Streaming” Policy for approval. The policy was unanimously approved by all Governors virtually.

Governor Training:

Governor training information including online / virtual training has been provided by Governor Support Service throughout closure.

Future meetings:

Meetings for 2020-2021 confirmed by Chair of Governors and Headteacher in July 2020.

Look out for the next Governors Blog in Autumn 2020.