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Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go
by Abercarn Admin - Friday, 29 July 2016, 11:13 PM

Pokémon Go – The Risks

Due to the increasing popularity of this game, which is rated 9 years+, we think it is appropriate to let you know some of the risks as reported in the media this weekend.

• Meeting people they don’t know face-to-face 
The game is designed to bring people together. Usually strangers. So you never know who they might meet.

• There’s a physical risk 
It’s easy to forget to look where you’re going with this game, but they need to be careful of where they end up. There are already stories of people being lured to places that aren’t safe for children.

• It can cost a lot of money 
There are in-app purchases and other incentives which can cost up to £79.99 (14,500 Pokécoins). Make sure the app’s set up without payment options.

• Access to personal data 
Pokémon Go asks for personal information like your child’s birth date and email address, which they’re asked to enter or receive through social media accounts. Parents have the right to contact the creators to stop them from using their personal information.