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Home Learning Newsletter 9 (Friday 22nd May 2020)

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Home Learning Newsletter 9 (Friday 22nd May 2020)
by Abercarn Admin - Friday, 22 May 2020, 11:16 AM

Hello everyone! Another “Home Learning” week has passed – I hope you are all keeping safe and well! I’d just like to say that you all are continuing to do such a great job with “Home Learning” – you are all working really hard! It is lovely to see the work taking place and you should all be very proud – mums, dads and family members that means you!! I’d also like to extend a big thank you and well done to all the staff who are working online everyday and making calls to check everything is good with you and the children! All staff are working so hard and I’m sure you will join with me and say a big “Thank You and Well Done”. It is half term next week – teachers will not be online next week and no work will be set. On behalf of all the staff I hope you have a lovely half term break – spend some quality time together and have a nice rest! If you do need to contact school during half term, I will still be monitoring the email.
Many parents have asked about how a return to school will look at Abercarn Primary. There is still not definite date for a phased return to school here in Wales. Until I have definite details it is difficult to explain how things will be as I will need to plan and prepare based on the guidance from Welsh Government. What I can say is that we are preparing for whatever may come our way in order to ensure everybody is as safe as can be when we do re-open. For example, ensuring social distancing throughout the school, routines we may need to have in place and ensuring we have all the equipment and supplies for good hygiene etc. When I know more details, I will of course keep you up to date and clearly outline how a phased re-opening will operate at Abercarn Primary when the time arises!

Don’t forget, you can contact the school office on 01495 244566 between 9am and 12pm. If you need any help setting things up, either give us a ring or drop an email to These are difficult times and we totally understand!  We really want as many children as possible to engage with us. 

Trailers of the Year 6 leavers video are being released along with some photographs on our weekly Year 6 “Throw Back Friday”. Keep an eye out for photographs every week. Can you spot your child?

Also the Leavers 2020 Website is now Live

There is lots of information and resources available for helping parents and children keep safe online from Gwent Safeguarding  

Please take a look to help keep everyone safe! 

Please continue to remind your child of the following:

  • Always tell someone if something happens online that they feel uncomfortable with.
  • Never to share your password or login details with anyone else.
  • Never login to a school account or any other account that is not yours.
  • Always be polite and well mannered online.
  • Always be SMART
If school suspects that a child is not following good online manners and good internet safety we will be in touch!

Please can you remind pupils NOT to change their passwords. We need to help etc. throughout the day and need the pupils to keep the passwords to those we have set. Many Thanks.

Here are some useful websites and telephone numbers to help you and your child keep a healthy mind and body:
Cardiff City Foundation
Lots of activities for keeping motivated, active and resilient
BBC Super Movers
Helping children across the UK get physically active
If any child feels anxious or worried about current events or anything, the Childline website has lots of advice and support. The website address is or they can be telephoned free on 0800 1111
If any adult requires help or support with mental health at any time, the MIND website has lots of advice and support. The website address is:  and they can be telephoned on: 0300 123 3393, send an email to or send a text to: 86463
If anyone is experience domestic abuse, please contact the freephone, 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247


The Mathematics Shed

A huge range of mathematics problems, questions and investigation.

White Rose Maths

A series of Maths lessons for each year group.

Maths is Fun

Math explained in easy language plus puzzles, games and worksheets.


Please keep washing your hands. It is still the best way to help with the virus. This video shows the best way to wash your hands. You can also Google NHS Handwashing YouTube videos. 


Flapjacks this week with Mrs. Watson. The video is available on our Social Media and YouTube channel for you to try at home! Mrs. Watson does a video every week! Not sure what it will be after half term – stay tuned! A big Thank You to Mrs. Watson and her family for filming!!  

Well done everyone! There is also a certificate that you can print and complete!



Year 1

Ethan F – For being confident when naming the properties of 2d shapes.

Jesse R – For being really confident with the RWI sounds, rhymes and letter formation.

Ella for a wonderful mini beast hunt.

Riley for working really hard every day with a big smile on his face.

Cowyn C - Great improvement in engagement and really trying hard to complete activities at home!

Isaac W - Excellent effort with handwriting and impressive confidence with new RWI sounds.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Carter HB - excellent engagement and enthusiasm for all tasks set and making fantastic progress and for his kindness and thoughtfulness in his comments sent.

Juliana S - brilliant Oracy videos and outstanding work, I have been blown way with her confidence.

Ava C for giving such great effort and improving her handwriting - Well done!

Thomas C for giving 100% for each piece of work - Keep it up!

Hayden S - Really good engagement in all activities and trying his best in everything.  Believe in yourself Hayden, you're doing a great job!!

Chiara L - Making an excellent German tourist shop and showing all of her hard work to complete it Very proud of you Chiara!

Year 5/6T

Year 5/6Y

Year 5/6P

Joseph T for catching up with everything and uploading so many clips and audios to enhance his work.

Ioan J for an outstanding response to music this week.  Beautiful quality designs for fridge magnets.

Ethan H for consistent engagement and asking for feedback on his work.

Emily E for thorough engagement when writing a play script.

Seren F – Improving her English descriptive paragraph.

Ava M – Great improvement overall and progressing step by step!


Good to be Green awards will still be awarded and a prize will be emailed!When children achieve 50 GTBG, a £2.50 Amazon Gift Card will be emailed to the child’s school email. Staff will be awarding GTBG throughout the day and keeping a record.If a child receives a Pupil of the Week certificate - 5 bonus GTBG will be awarded. 
It really is – “Good to be Green”!
The following children have reached 50 GTBG – An Amazon voucher is on its way!
Teddy, Alba, Daisy, Elliot, Kooper, Naomi, Noah and Seren from Reception Class
Thomas W, Ffion R, Jenson L, Ollie S, Amber C, Ashton B, Morgan H, Carter HB, Evie C, Emily M and Alfie D from Year 2 
Jasleen S, Molly R, Camdan C, Isaac W, Maddy-Ray H, and Sophie R from Year 1
Owen R, Tilly B, Darcie D and Amber C from Year 3
Ethan B, Chiara L, Harry D and Ollie T from Year 4
Charlie W from Year 5/6Y
Jessica L from Year 5/6T

Our weekly newsletter will continue. It will be posted on our Website, Social Media, My School App and emailed to pupil Google accounts every week.
Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter. As well as important information it will share things like pupil of the week, useful websites and challenges etc.
If you would like the newsletter emailed to your own email address – please sign up by using this link.