Cycling and Scooter Agreement

Cycling and Scooter Agreement (Year 6 ONLY)

Please find attached a “Cycling and Scooter Home School Agreement” and “Cycle and Scooter Policy”.  The policy and agreement was created by our Eco-Committee.

Please read the policy and agreement thoroughly.


It is the parent’s responsibility to:

  • Ensure your child has an appropriate knowledge of road safety.

  • Decide whether your child is competent to cycle or scoot independently to and from school – the school has no liability for any consequences of that decision.

  • You take responsibility for checking your child’s bicycle is roadworthy and regularly maintained.

  • Provide appropriate safety equipment e.g. helmet

  • Take out appropriate insurance cover as the school’s insurance does not cover loss or damage to bicycle or scooter equipment.

    It is the child’s responsibility to:

  • Ride sensibly and safely

  • Ensure their bicycle or scooter is locked securely

  • Behave appropriately and always dismount at the school gate

    If you would like your child to ride their bike or scooter to school, please read, sign and return the agreement to school. Your child must agree to their responsibilities by signing the appropriate section. If they fail to keep up their responsibilities, he/she will be only be reminded once.

    When the form is returned, your child will be issued with a coloured, individually numbered band to attach to their bicycle or scooter which shows they have an agreement in place.

    Any questions, please contact the school!

    Many Thanks

    Mr G C Roden

Last modified: Sunday, 24 July 2016, 11:54 PM