School Uniform

School Uniform


All school uniform is available from Regis, Victoria Terrace, Newbridge and Darren Morgan Sports, Crosskeys.


• Burgundy sweatshirt

• Blue blouse/polo shirt,

• Grey or black pinafore/ skirt (not straight) /trousers.

• Black shoes, white socks or grey tights



• Burgundy sweatshirt

• Blue shirt / polo shirt,

• Grey or black trousers.

• Black shoes and black or grey socks


Footwear not suitable for school, e.g. heeled shoes and strappy sandals, which are potential safety hazards must not be worn to school. With the same uniform being worn by the children - please, label all your child’s clothing and equipment. Bags should be of a sensible size because of the limited space available in the cloakrooms. All items are the child’s responsibility and the school accepts no liability for loss of belongings. 



Jewellery of any type is discouraged because of the danger to the wearer, their friends and because of its security. Much time is often wasted by teachers having to look for mislaid articles. It is important that only studs are worn in pierced ears, other earrings and sleepers can be dangerous in many circumstances, especially during P.E and when playing. Earrings and jewellery must be removed prior to PE to minimize the risk to themselves and to others. Children must be able to remove earrings / jewellery independently. Children whose ears are in the healing period following piercing, will need to provide medical tape to cover the ear lobe during PE. Staff will not be held responsible for injury caused by jewellery or for any loss of items.



There is an abundance of “toys” in school. Toys must not be brought to school as they are a distraction to the child. Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school. Should a child wish to show a teacher a ‘special’ toy, please send on a Friday. Mobile phones should also be left at home. If a child is found using a mobile phone, it will be confiscated until the end of the school day. Staff will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to toys, electrical toys and / or mobile phones. On rare occasions (Golden Time), pupils may be allowed to bring items of their choice to school. Pupils do so at their own risk as the school will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

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