Access & Attendance


Abercarn Primary School was built in 1974, and is a one story building. Any new alterations are always DDA compliant, and the staff and Governors have an action plan to further develop the school in compliance with the DDA act. Furniture has and can be relocated within school to allow easy access for all pupils and staff. The school is accessible by ramp although this is only possible through one double and one single door. Disabled toilet facilities have been installed. PE equipment has been audited, reorganised and relocated to allow easy and safe access for all pupils and staff. There are parking facilities on the school site. Parents of disabled pupils are welcome to visit theschool in order to inspect facilities.



In the interests of health and safety we would ask all parents and children not to bring cars into school or use the access road. The main office is to be found at the front of the school (Main entrance). Parents can gain access to the office through the main entrance doors.


Pupils need to attend school regularly if they are to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. The progress of pupils is affected by non attendance at school. It is our aim at Abercarn to maximise our attendance rate, therefore individual absences will be scrutinised. Children are expected to attend school every day, punctually, unless there is a valid reason for not doing so. Morning school begins at 9.00 a.m.


It is inevitable that there will be times when your child will need to be absent from school. It may be because of a visit to the doctor, dentist, opticians, etc. Whilst we would ask that, where possible, most of these appointments are made outside school hours, we acknowledge that in certain circumstances it is not possible. At these times, it will be necessary to inform the school prior to the appointment, by writing or telephoning. This absence will be authorised. Holidays are not encouraged in term time and will not be authorised if attendance is below 95% 


Should your child be absent through illness, we ask that you contact the school on the first day of absence so that we know that your child/ren are safe at home. We also require a brief note on your child’s return to school stating the reason/s for absence. These absences will be authorised except where consistent absenteeism gives cause for concern. Parents will be contacted in such cases. 




Attendance 2014-2015

Attendance 94.7%

Authorised Absences 4.44%

Unauthorised Absences 079%


Attendance 2015-2016

Attendance 94%

Authorised Absences 502%

Unauthorised Absences 0.8%

Attendance 2016-2017

Attendance 94.1%

Authorised Absences 5.3%

Unauthorised Absences 0.6%

Our target for attendance for the academic year 2017 - 2018 is: 95.5%



The Educational Welfare Officer visits regularly and can advise families with educational welfare problems. He/she may also be used by the school to check on persistent, unexplained absences, or to support families that we are concerned about.

Further Information:

Further information can be found in the Attendance Policy which is available to all parents. Copies can be obtained from the main Reception Area.

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