Our E-Safety Team

Here are Abrecarn Primary School we have a dedicated e-safety team made up of members of the teaching and non-teaching staff, senior leaders, pupils and governors. Our digital leaders support the delivery of the e-safety message too. Posters of the e-safety team are visible around the school and the team is led by Mr Greenslade and Mr Roden. 

 Our E-Safety team consists of:

Mr Greenslade (ICT Manager)

Mr Roden (Headteacher)

Mrs Coram-Fry (Governor)

Mrs  Eynon - Admin Officer


We also have a dedicated group of children who are our E-Safety Ambassadors


Deri (Year 6 E-Safety Ambassador)

Jesse (Year 6 E-Safety Ambassador)

Kiel (Year 6 E-Safety Ambassador)


Emily (Year 5 E-Safety Ambassador)

Colbie (Year 5 E-Safety Ambassador)

Ava (Year 5 E-Safety Ambassador)


Evan (Year 4 E-Safety Ambassador)

Amber (Year 4 E-Safety Ambassador)

Ioan (Year 3 E-Safety Ambassador)

Jasmine  (Year 3 E-Safety Ambassador) 

Emma (Year 3 E-Safety Ambassador)

Sam (Year 2 E-Safety Ambassador)

Oliver (Year 2 E-Safety Ambassador)

Jack (Year 2 E-Safety Ambassador)

The team meets regularly to discuss any E-safety issues in school, to look at our E-safety curriculum and to consider ways of improving things even further in school.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and have a chat with any member of the team.    


E-Safety Issues Reporting Form

 Alternatively, you can fill in the following contact form to report any e-safety concerns you may have. This will be sent directly to the e-safety team who will deal with it as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Online E-Safety contact form

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