House Points

House Points- Together Everyone Achieves More!

Our House point system is one of our many ways of recognising positive behaviour choices. At Abercarn PS the use of House Points promotes:

 Individual and Collective responsibility

 Positive behaviour, thoughtfulness and respect

 Shared aims and goals

 Collaboration, teamwork and co-operation

 Positive attitude to school and others

 Effort and application

 Achievements and successes of all

 Participation in competitions and sport

 Growth in self esteem


All members of staff can award points. Pupils can earn points for their House in many ways by:

 Playing Fairly

 Being Caring and Sharing in the Playground

 Showing Good Manners

 Being Helpful and Considerate

 Displaying a positive attitude to a specific task or school life in general

 Being Responsible

 Participating and representing the school in competitions and sport

 Competing on Sports Day

 Other achievements worthy of recognition

House points are collated by Mr Greenslade every 4 weeks.

Abercarn Houses

Our houses are DragonGriffin and Phoenix. Below are our current House teams by year



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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