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by Mr L Greenslade - Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 8:41 PM



Dear Parents


We will soon be going on our adventure to Llangranog. I am sure everyone is looking forward to it!  Please reinforce the following points with your child as we would like to ensure the experience at Llangranog is as safe and enjoyable as possible for all involved.  All health forms must be returned to school. Pupils will not be allowed to go to Llangranog without a health form.


·       Exact departure time from school to be confirmed (Usually around 10.15-10.30)

·       A text will be sent on Sunday when pupils are approx 45 minutes away from arriving back at school.

·       Pupil arrive in school normal time on Friday (9am) – Luggage to be stored in hall.

·       All medication to be handed to Mr Senior on arrival at school.

·       Whilst in service stations, children to listen to staff carefully. If at any point they become separated from the group they should go to the meeting point outlined by Mr Senior.

·       Pupils to remember road safety whilst in service stations.

·       Pupils are not to take mobile phones or games consoles. Staff will confiscate items until the end of the trip.

·       Each activity will carry an element of risk at Llangrannog. Before each activity there will be a briefing that all pupils must listen to carefully. Pupils are not to do anything that is not permitted.

·       During free time children are to be sensible. Children must stay within the agreed boundaries set by Llangrannog staff and not participate in any centre activities whilst unsupervised.

·       If an accident / incident should occur, staff must be notified immediately. If an accident / incident occurs at night pupils must go to the staff dormitory immediately.

·       If there is an emergency, pupils must listen to staff members and follow instructions.

·       Appropriate footwear to be taken and sun protection cream / hats to be taken.

·       Children are to follow the rules at Llangranog at all times.

·       If pupils misbehave, Llangrannog staff will request parents collect their child from the centre.

·       If you are unsure of any Health and Safety matters, please contact Mrs Fowler before the trip!

·       A packed lunch is required


Kind Regards